17 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Zendikar Draft #6 – Drafting Zendikar (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. I was really surprised when you turned down quest for the gemblades AND beastmaster ascension for a farguide. I would think either of those would be awesome in your deck. Maybe you can explain a little bit more your thinking on that. I’d be curious.

  2. @Nick: Gemblade isn’t really playable in this format since noone ever blocks, so most of the time it just sits there. And Beastmaster asenscion, while a powerful effect, just doesnt usually get there, unless you have a bunch of really small creatures.

  3. I like quest for the gemblades. Blocking does happen in this format (Ox, Hatchling, etc.) and once its online blocking becomes very difficult and you can make one of your guys a monster at any time. It is also very strong with Basilisk.

  4. I would have picked up a Narrow Escape at some point… It is a worse Into the Roil when you have Journey to Nowhere. Having one would have been awesome. Not sure if I know when you would have taken it.

  5. I would much rather have a decent sideboard card (Farguide) than the Quest or the Ascension, both of which I don’t like. I have played with Quest before, and it really is too situational for my tastes, so I try to avoid playing with it.

  6. “And Beastmaster asenscion, while a powerful effect, just doesnt usually get there, unless you have a bunch of really small creatures.”

    5 Nissa’s Chosen, 2 Kor Duelists, Kor Sanctifier, Kor Skyfisher, Basilisk, Cliff Threader and 2 Grazing Gladehearts. If that doesn’t qualify as “bunch of small creatures” I don’t know what does^^

    I’m sorry, but Ascension was the only way to go there. Possible reward from that card in this kind of deck is just insane

  7. Not only do you have a bunch of small creatures but 7 of them have 3 toughness which is kinda the magic number if you want to attack over and over with a creature.

  8. All my creatures are fine on their own, and especially given the Gear/Machete/2 pump spells, I really didn’t need another situational creature enhancement. If you watch the games, it isn’t typical for this deck to have enough guys out to really want or need the Ascension. I’m happy that I didn’t take it, and don’t think it would have been that good.

  9. Hmmm, I think I would have gone for the third Refuge considering all the double green cards in the deck plus the larva.

  10. A bunch of small creatures means a token generator often. He has a lot of low cc creatures, but that hardly qualifies as a bunch. You need the “bunch” in play, and for that to be reasonable, drafting cobra trap is pretty key. playing extra white (kor duelist/cliff threader) just to activate Ascension is pretty bad. 1/1’s for 1 aren’t good, and won’t often attack enough to become 6/6’s.
    LSV: Of luminarch, bloodchief and beastmasters ascension, which is best? Would you ever be happy playing them in a deck? Would you rather have a Giant Scorpion over a Bloodchief every time?

  11. @ Fin

    All the ascensions are pretty bad, and at this point I don’t see myself playing any of them. If i had to pick one, I would say that Luminarch Ascension is best, but its value mostly is as a sideboard card against slow decks. I would take the Scorpion over Bloodchief every single time.

  12. Beast Hunt… Why it’s horrible.

    40 cards in a typical draft deck

    17 Lands 42.5%
    14 Creatures 35%
    9 Artifacts/Spells 22.5%

    A typical starting hand 3 lands 3-4 creatures and 1-2 other when on the draw.

    Leaving a 32 Card deck as follows

    14 Lands 43.75%
    11 Creatures 34.375%
    7 Artifacts/Spells 21.875%

    Let’s say you cast it off on turn four on the draw. Drawing 2 lands, A creature, and A Other.

    12 Lands 42.857%
    10 Creatures 35.714%
    6 Artifacts/Spells 21.42%

    Beast Hunts success rate is 35.714% for each card revealed, granted it improves to 37.037% on a first miss, and to 38.461% each time it fails to hit increasing by roughly 1.5% and decreasing on a successful find by the same amount.

    Given the numbers you have around 1 out of 3 chances on finding a creature. Granted that Beast Hunt gives you 3 chances, you are going to hit majority of the time for 1. A one for one that sends lands and possible removal/equipment into the graveyard is horrible.

    At least that’s how I always looked at it, someone feel free to correct my math or ideas =|

  13. Ditto on the Gemblades here… I woulda taken then over a farguide you KNOW your not going to play, you even said you didn’t want to play the one that you had, so why take a second. And the gemblades is a very powerful card. I’ve used it before and people always seem to forget its 4 COUNTERS not just +4/+4 til end of turn.

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