17 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Zendikar Draft #6 – Drafting Zendikar (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. My strat for PT Austin was to 1 pick Primal Bellow (aka force Monogreen). It’s way better than Nissa’s Chosen (who is also good, but is no Primal Bellow)

  2. i really disagree with your picks 2-3 … you have taken green underpowered cards over blue that was clearly open 🙂

  3. yeah, but Blue sucks, and Roil Elemental isn’t even that good. I like Green alot more than Blue in this format, as surprising as that may seem.

  4. great draft, 5 chosens are awesome in such a deck

    btw, LSV, why don’t you answer on forums here, your ask LSV column, PM, nowhere?

  5. Love green, 10th pick harrows etc nowadays are just insane. 3-0’d first austin pod with RG and it wasn’t even that underdrafted there.

  6. in a vacuum i wouldn’t agree with the green cards over the blue cards taken in this draft, the thing is in a mtgo 8-4 now u might as well be mono green from p1p1 because noone else is ever taking it.

  7. How come you pros always play lousy formats like triple Zen? Don’t you know that TSE drafts are available?

  8. @BenS

    Yea, Green is horribly underdrafted online, which leads me to do things like take a Gladehart over a Roil Elemental/Into the Roil.

  9. Jason: Theyre obviously not playing it for the draft itself, but as a preparation for serious events. I dont think any of the players on this site care about winning 8 packs or losing the entry fee.

    What this is is
    a) Training for them to get to know the format and see which strategies work best, practice their read on a table and their card evaluation by playing games with the decks they draft.
    b) Obviously an instructional video to help the users of this site to understand how these pros draft and why they make the choices they make (and ofc to attract customers to this site)

    There are drafts in a lot of the Pro Tour Tournaments and in the top8 of the Limited Grand Prixs, so coming prepared for a format is really really important to do well in the tournament scene, and those formats being played will always use the most recent sets, except in a few special event or in sidedrafts from time to time

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