20 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Zendikar Draft #3 – Match 1, Game 2”

  1. That was a really rough draw, but… it reminds me of why I still don’t run 18 lands in Zendikar.

    Love the videos, keep em up.

  2. Though this may come across as cruel, but there’s a certain level of relief connected to seeing even the best players take a beating. It makes me remember that you can’t win every time, even though you feel you’re doing the right things.

    In hindsight I would probably have started off in black, with Kalitas as a joker. Odds are you’ll never get to play him, but the same could be said for Rampaging Baloths, and he just ends games. Ah well, it’s always easy to second-guess.

  3. Molten Ravenger is such a hit to tempo and not at all aggressive in the deck.You had.

    Im not sure why people think its a mediocre card at best

    The mana commitment to the card just locks you out of playing better stuff that you usually need to play. The only reason breathing creatures like Dragon Whelp are good is because they are solid creatures (if a bit overcosted) on their own.

    Its definitely not the creature an “aggressive” deck wants

  4. It’s true that the 18 land thing is a bit overrated in zendikar, but as a rule 18 is called for much more often in this set than in previous sets. In the case of this deck, it has many (for zen) 4 and 5 drops as opposed to two drops, which means LSV is right to go with 18. The only other time I go with 18 in the set is with a multitude of nice landfall cards, and even then if many of them are the 4-6 cc range.

  5. I would not have blocked the hookmaster there… being at two life is pretty rough, but I think I would have just kept the scholar then blocked and looted next turn, giving you a higher chance at whiplash traps / burst lightning.

  6. @ Chris Young

    Molten Ravager actually is a solid creature on its own in Zendikar draft, since it has toughness > 2. Also, compare it to Crypt Ripper. I often end up popping the Ripper in for 4, then pumping him next turn. Molten Ravager is roughly equivalent in many situations. As long as your opponent isn’t playing lots of evasive creatures, the Ravager is a pretty decent card. That said, I wouldn’t play it in every deck with Red. It depends on the rest of my deck, I guess.

  7. I edited my post so some comment was missing

    I actually did compare it to ripper initially. Its better than ripper in some situations but most shade creatures end up locking you out of better spells is all I was trying to imply.

  8. 17 lands was a consideration for that deck bc there werent a ton of uses for extra lands, but the 2 looters make 18 much better, as well as heavy R and U requirements and not a great 23rd card to put in

  9. Green was so open, p1p4 woodcrasher? Almost guaranteeing that pack 3 you’re gonna be hooked up big time

  10. I really think your fear of playing green got to you again LSV, it was pretty open.

    But that’s easy to say now, obviously.

  11. if you decided you were aggressive, why not play the slaughter crys. easily over the one ravager and something else prolly the 18th land.

  12. With those draws versus his opponents draws LSV loses automatically, no matter what colors he was playing.

    Going into Green is a huge gamble. It is hands down the worst color. Only way it wins is by getting River Boa’s and Nissa’s Chosen along with the trample guys and Gladehearts…and even then it still dies to evasion guys. You power up to 5-6 mana, cast your big guys, and then you still die to their evasion while they chump your guys for a turn or two.

    Seems like his logic was solid throughout the draft. Just that he didnt get the right cards pack three. Add in a Living Tsunami, another Burst Lightning or other red removal, and his deck is fine to good.


  13. It’s actually refreshing to see a losing draft video. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes, even for lsv, and it takes courage to post a losing video. Kudos for that, and good look next draft.

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  15. With a Living Tsunami attacking every turn you truly need an answer for it. Being on 2 life vs 4 is essentially the same in this situation. So, in my opinion the correct play is to take 6, go down to 2 and get an active looter giving you a greater chance at drawing Burst.

    Always great fun watching the vids, keep it up.

  16. rough rough rough….. bad card pool, horrible draws on top of fighting a pretty good deck, well can’t win everytime I guess.

    Moar videos please \o/

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