19 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Zendikar Draft #10 – Drafting Zendikar (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. you said something about a “signal” when the card gone is a rare, then pick two has no signals to it. but you were right it was open after seeing the rest of the picks, yeah black was open. but second pick i dont think sends any signal in any pack. because me playing BR opening like a fetch land, i dont pass it just because i dont have money and a 12.00 card looks good to me even if its not in my color or what-have-you.

  2. @jake: Fetchlands are not worth as much online. They only go for about 4-7 tickets. The only way it wouldnt be a signal is if there was a sorin or malakir bloodwitch in the pack.

  3. Jake it’s a signal because unless the rare was a black bomb, the player should avoid black knowing he passed a casualties.

    Yeah, ZZZ is a pretty stale and uninteresting format, please post a video of a MD5 draft! Those are still available for a few days

  4. p1p1 I’d take the torch for sure, it’s barely worse than kor sanctfiers if it is worse at all. The main point though is it’s your first pick and picking a colorless card is always nice when you can.

  5. Pretty sure I would have taken the Grim Discovery over that first Feast since you were likely to wheel at least 1, maybe 2 more anyways,

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  7. Lot’s of green cards running around..is hard to get into one colour and I avoid that quite a lot.

  8. Uhhhhh why did you not go black/red? There were good red cards 5th and 6th pack? Definitely big mistakes.

  9. seeing the bladetusk boar that late in pack 1 definitely puts me into BR. harrow is definitely solid, but surely not as good of signal as the boar?

    great vids, thanks for uploading ’em.

  10. Woha Luis. What happened? You could of easily gone Red/Green, both were signaling open. (The numerous Harrows, Bladetusk Boar, Geyeser, the Landfall Deer, etc)

    Ah well =)

  11. Jeremy Mac Donald

    Watching Zendikar Drafts certainly has not gotten stale for me. That’s what I’m playing at FNM so that is where I need the most help in improving my game.

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