18 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Zendikar Draft #1 – Match 3, Game 2”

  1. grats! that were a lot of payables + the allies sideboard tech worked very well (and would have been even more ridiculous if you didn’t block the 4/4).

  2. if you played the eel 1st, youd at least be able to play the cartographer the next turn and get in for 4

  3. I think I agree with the above post about playing Windrider Eel instead of Cartographer. If you play Eel first, then you can definitely hit your land drop the next turn with Catographer…not to mention the beats you would unleash if you naturally draw a land as well. Crush for 6 with your EEL!

    Still, considering you won the game/match/draft with Conq’s Pledge anyway…it seems like a moot point. Still, one play is better than the other. I am just not sure which it was.

  4. I would have killed the khalni heart with the sanctifiers, and then bounced the gem with into the roil.

  5. Hey all, wondering about the idea of seeing if LSV here would do a video of constructed play in addition to the drafts??

    Like an 8-man Standard queue or something?

    What’s everyone think?

  6. Killing the Gem is the correct play in my book. Tempo is all that matters in that game and the long term advantage of denying him lands is not as important as the short term of mana. I think Lsv played that correctly.

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