8 thoughts on “Channel LSV: SCR Draft #1 – Match 2, Game 3”

  1. Why not leave up one green mana for bluffing Might of Alara when you can? I assume you’re not drafting and playing beatdown decks that often :).

  2. Yeah, between games two and three, there were around four crucial plays that seemed like mistakes to me. Does anyone else think LSV sounds sick/medicated this draft? That’s what I’m attributing the play errors to.

  3. I just think it was a late night draft. But I wouldn’t disagree with you either Will.

  4. Jermol Jupiter

    Overall the games were great I thought.
    As for the misplays, im sure he mad them because he is human (not a perfect human) and not because he sounded a little sick or because of it being late. All of us no matter who we are, are prone to making mistakes at many points in our magical careers.
    Yip Yip Yip

  5. I wish you’d put these drafts up more frequently. I’d kind of like to see the whole thing while it’s still fresh. Thousands of other people are probably tired of the cock tease too. Why neglect the demand? Be a hero! Give us limited fanatics a reason to come back more than once a week.

  6. Seriously, can someone let us know why these can’t just be posted all in one shot and why it takes 2 weeks to see a full draft?

    This is very aggravating.

    – xylog

  7. Despite this series being amazing(ps more with riki), I really just want to see the entire thing at once.

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