11 thoughts on “Channel LSV: SCR Draft #1 – Match 1, Game 2”

  1. Man sometimes you are such a lucksack on your land. 🙂 Keep 2 lands both in your splash, don’t cycle the Naya Sojourners even though you didn’t have another play, and still make all 3 colors by turn 4?

  2. Why do you think he wins? 😉

    Anyways, I was a little worried judging by your pretty weak curve (no real threats on turns three or four) but I suppose just playing a pair of two drops on turn 4 is fine as well.

  3. lol, your opponent hasn’t palyed a single creature that match…
    It is amazing how you are able to get the “god draw ” out of hands that look like a clear mulligan in many of your clips.

  4. i actually like the “lucksack” play style. Sometimes ya just gotta go for the gold!

  5. Why are we still getting chunks of videos? Why cany we get all of them up at the same time? Is there a technical reason I just dont know about? Its kinda like watching half of a awesome movie but not finishing it untill 2 or 3 days or a week later. All the while im watching the replays enjoying the hell out of them knowing that my joy will turn to disgust when it finishes unconcluded.

  6. I wish I had matches like that. I get mono-colour screwed in my 2-colour aggressive decks, let alone three, and almost all of my opponents are playing creatures…

  7. Wait a minute.. Are you really playing 8-4 ?? No offense but between Draft 6 Match 3 and Draft 7 match 1 your opponents are making a TON of mistakes.

    C’mon, your opponent Draft 6 in the finals doesn’t know how Brackwater elemental works ? It’s a common and has been around for 3 months !!
    How can your opponent Match 1 game 2 (and he lost game 1) keep a hand with NOTHING but 2 banquets !!! LOL

    Except that, amazing videos as usual. Thank you so much.

  8. “Pretty interesting games… And by that I mean ‘not close’.” -LSV, another instant quote classic.

    And as far as all the “lucksack” comments go (which I agree with), another quote: “Chance favors the prepared mind”.

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