11 thoughts on “Channel LSV: SCR Draft #1 – Drafting SCR (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. I’m surprised at how you never really considered UW. Granted you weren’t getting Esper but there wasn’t some huge Naya signal for you either – not like the ones you passed.

    P1p6 there was Kathari Screecher being a little late, and your only red card is Soul’s Fire. But you took Godtoucher over the Screecher? Had you been open to blue, then there’s p7 Drake and p8 another Screecher. And you were already in position pack 2 for Cormorants, Aven Squires and Brackwater Elementals. Then Pack 3 hope to grab Stormblades and Walls of Denial, settle for Talon Trooper and Messenger Falcons. You still take WG where it’s available, but make the plan winning by air.

    Of course I say that not having seen the rest of the draft yet. But IMHO I felt blue was totally ignored.

  2. I agree with Amarsir about taking the Screecher over the Godtoucher if only because you will never play Godtoucher and might as well hate out the Screecher. While Amarsir is correct about getting other blue cards later, can’t really use hindsight as a convincing argument — but taking Godtoucher is like taking a basic land.

  3. For some reason it’s only letting me watch up to the first match. I can’t see anything past that, and that happened for AAC draft #6 as well.

  4. Love these Draft walkthroughs i only have one gripe its just a bit hard to navigate to the next part

  5. Those 2/2 firststrikers seem good with Quietus Spike, right? I thought you probably should have taken the (2)W and the (2)R guys.

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