20 thoughts on “Channel LSV: M10 Draft #3 – Match 2, Game 2 (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. I don’t understand why you don’t loot every turn given you “need” certain key cards (safe passage) at some junctures, bro.

    I saw at least one turn where you didn’t loot b/c you got a spell, then next turn u drew a land and looted into another. If you’d looted the turn before, one of those lands would have been filtered.

    I respect your skills but I wonder if you were playing down your skill hoping the opp wouldn’t be good / lucky (which apparently he was, Ant Queen ftw).

  2. Sorta a bad beat. However, I feel like Ice Caging the Spider (at that point in the game) was much better as you force your opp to have to tap down one of the flyers every turn and you can’t get wrecked by Safe Passage.

    However, you did rip land late when any business from your deck would have been great.

  3. Yeah, I really don’t understand why you don’t loot every turn, assuming you had at least 1 card in hand.. At worst you just discard the card you drew.

  4. your a far better player than most so i might just be wrong here, but it really seems like you get to focused in on certain draft strategies, with scr it was esper and now it seems to be u/w flying guys those may be the best two strategies but sometimes the packs just wont have it, i think you should have taken the grave digger he was by far the best card, you still had time to fix the problem even after that and still didnt go for it you would have had more than enough playables

  5. like someguy said: you should have lootered away some of your cards, like that White Knight (which was just underwhelming if you have no Oakenform/ Armored Ascention or are playing against Bx) or the Horned Turtle against an opponent that gets 5 power worth of creatures each turn + is splashing for a red finisher.

  6. Your playing was a bit sloppy, I’m used to seeing you play much tighter games, but as pointed out here you were not using the looter when you should have, and you should have been more agressive with the Air Elementals, and traded with the Recluse when he diden’t have Safe Passage mana up. In the end though, you really just got blown out by an Ant Queen that your deck coulden’t really handle once it was on the board, which some times just happens.

    Oh and yeah, you should have taken the ‘Digger. 😉

  7. Losing the air elemental to the forest was wrong. Either flashfreeze the druid or take the forest for another turn and go to 6, bank on looting into a safe passage, pacifism, wall of frost, or multiple guys. You would’ve cast flashfreeze to protect your elemental from a removal spell, which the awakener druid ended up being, while also dealing you 8. Once you lost the elemental you couldn’t actually win.
    Also, don’t understand why you would essence scatter the sentinel when your hand has 2 air elementals.

  8. I agree with drw sometimes in your drafts you seem to make wrong picks just to force a deck. Armoursmith isnt a very good card so taking that to “cu off white” doesnt work because its not a good signal and goes late

  9. You had an out game 2 after loosing your 2 elementals and before he dropped the Ant Queen … It’s called Sleep.

  10. I just lost w/ a sick RU deck to awakener druid too. 4/5’s are HUGE! I think letting that guy come down was the only mistake I saw you make. Just a little bit of format misunderstanding. Cards like the 1/1 4/5 were not around in previous coresets and that is one of the reasons this set is a little more complex then those before it.

  11. @Darwin G saying “Why loot blah blah”


    We (as a few agreed with me) weren’t postulating he randomly loot and discard the same card. We were pointing out some turns where he drew a spell with an active looter, he didn’t loot.

    Presumably (and he says it at some point), lsv “doesn’t like to loot away spells”.

    The reason we think this was suboptimal is because the superior card selection is (almost) always worth it.

    For example, there was a turn (say turnX) where he drew a spell, didn’t loot, played it and said go.

    Next turn Y, he drew land, looted into land, said go.

    Had he looted on turn X, he would have filtered one land, and then on turn Y had a chance at a new spell.

    Basically just repeating here, but the point should be clear now…

  12. This game really wasn’t played that impressiv.
    The expanse has to be sacced for an Island, so you can play Wall + Cancel or Mindspring + Cancel more easily.
    And on the last attack you cannot block with the looter. You cannot beat him in one turn, so your only out is Safe Passage and the looter wil double your chance to draw it. And you lose against any trick anyway, so 2 life or 1 life is no difference.

  13. Would you have boarded in Unsummon if you had had one? It would have helped deal with the Ant Queen when combined with all those counters you had. It’s hard to tell where the misplays were for me — it seemed like a lot of judgment calls that went wrong this time but might not wrong on average.

    Also, have you ever considered recording something like a constructed 8 man or maybe a MOCS tournament?

  14. Game 1 tapping out for that White Knight was just horrible, and you lost because of it. Game 2 you should have been much more aggressive with Merfolk Looter in order to find your answers to the board he had presented. You were being too conservative, and should dig for answers rather than being content to draw random spells.

  15. aggressive looting, and not blocking with looter would’ve been maximizing outs because as you said the red is a splash and if you would have died to sparkmage apprentice then that’s that

  16. I think you would've won this game had you Ice Caged the Deadly Recluse, after he tapped down your Elemental during your upkeep at 2:32 of the vid.

    I know it is greatly counterintuitive to do so, but the cost benefit and the maths works out much better than just running the Elemental into the Recluse.

    Thanks for the vids LSV, keep up the great job

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