7 thoughts on “Channel LSV: M10 Draft #1 – Match 3, Game 2”

  1. Keep making these videos please! I made mostly the same picks as you, of which I am proud. I would always pause the video before you picked and make a pick of my own. A very good learning tool and an excellent way to pick your brain. Thank you LSV; a very entertaining and informative way to improve my game and to learn cards without being able to draft on modo(Financial status is horrid atm)! So in conclusion, you’re the man, channelfireball is awsome, and I want you to make as many of these videos as you can possibly stomach! (I will stomach an infinite amount of them so keep it up)

  2. Thanks a lot pedro, very interesting little website you’ve pointed me toward. Much appreciated!

  3. PUNT!!!!!! Obviously you cant “know” that he has windstorm, but he already had fireball which was good enough to warrent the read of not droping the Serra Angel. I know you are allowed one every now and then, but you had a much more powerfull possition on the board, just by equiping the Magebane and making a really big dood, And then playing the serra next turn to both keep your guys away from a big fireball and a possible windstorm. I dont know, I was just screaming at the moniter the whole time you were contemplating the play. Looking back do you see the same way, or not?

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