5 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Constructed Matchups – UWR Control vs. Jund – Match 2, Game 1”

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  2. @boarding: How about taking pathsout instead of O-ring, since it works better with the “land destruction” plan?

  3. I assumed you boarded like in the first game, so just ignore the comment above…

    There is a (German) article from the Austrian player Philipp Summereder that made top 40 with this list here: http://www.magicuniverse.de/html/kolumnen.php?id=1423

    His Sideboard plan against Jund was
    -Day of Judgment(Sprouting Thrinax and hasty beaters) -Planeswalkers(Blightning, haste, burn)
    -1 Lightning Bolt
    -1 Double Negative(+GSS -Bituminous Blast)
    +Spreding Seas (punish them for their greedy mana base)
    +”the life gain package” = Felidar Sovereign + Baneslayer Angel (they side out removal against you)

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