9 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Constructed Matchups – Jund vs. Jund (With Sideboard), Games 3-5”

  1. with all the expensive cards you really don’t want to side out lightning bolts as early business and answers against garruk, leech + GSS imo.

  2. Well this sure showed the advantage of Mind Rot in the match. The expensive spells were, well, expensive. And at first I thought “too bad we can’t see if they’re good” but of course if you can’t play them that is the answer. Borderland Ranger made a lot of sense too, consinsidering how limiting mana could be.

    Overall these were excellent to watch. It was very useful to see how you prioritize, in ways an artcile would never spell out.

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  4. @kenseiden:

    actually that’s only half the truth. they do a pretty good job in helping you to recover from early blightnings and are together with oran-rief a pretty sweet answer against GSS.

  5. These videos are excellent, but might I suggest a wrap-up at the end, where you say the final record and some general thoughts about the match-up? That would be the perfect end to a series of 10-20 games.

  6. LSV, in game 3 you discarded a forest to his blightning, then played a catacombs and sac’ed it for a forest the following turn.(your T3) Why did you take the damage from the fetch instead of just keeping forest? Would you have played differently if you drew a forest/swamp T3?(i.e. leaving extra options open)

  7. @ hal:
    He did to thin out his deck of land cards. In theory it means you should draw more spells and less lands.

    This may be stupid but could it be worth building a Jund list to play on the draw against every other jund deck? Having the SB and MB built for being on the play (as you can pretty much always be sure to be on the play) you could thin out the extra cards in the board (such as ruinblaster) to either improve your Jund mirror mu or other mu’s… just a thought

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