10 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Constructed Matchups – Jund vs. Boros, Games 7-9”

  1. Another possibility: he’s at 12, so three 2/2s get there just as fast without the 1/1. Leave tiny back just in case and swing with the rest.

  2. Which was on purpose so that he could instead make the 3 1/1s left behind into 2/2s.

    I think I agree with Amarsir. Attacking there is definitely the right call I think since Steppe Lynx is horrible on defense unless he keeps a fetch back (which he wouldn’t do since he’d just use it to damage you) and hitting him for 6 or 7 puts him on the defensive depending on his hand. I also forgot about the Hellspark Elemental, but he still ended up only hitting you for exactly enough to kill you with the Unearth, the Peaks, and the Path shenanigans, so that single blocker would have changed everything I think.

  3. If I ended up having to block the next turn, I would much rather have three 2/2 tokens than a 4/4 thrinax, so I didn’t use oran rief deliberately. I also don’t really want thrinax to be a 4/4, since I would rather he die and make three 2/2’s.

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  5. wow, i dont believe how u could lose that game with pathing skyfisher… why did u blast ranger? u didnt care about it and u could wait with blast until he’ll have more creatures. and finally u could stay with a 1/1 token and just chumpblock.

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