12 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Constructed Matchups – Jund vs. Boros, Games 3-6”

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  2. Seems a bit difficult to ‘notice’ the “watch the next posted video” feature here. I’m wondering what the splash rate is for people who watch the first video posted and never hit the second?

    I’d probably suggest one of three things:

    A ‘table of contents’ in the first post
    Multiple videos in the same post
    A page dedicated to “Channel LSV” that stands out alerting people that “this is the video content page” with the Youtube embedding player built in?

    I’m not 100% sure on the absolute limitations of WordPress with video (my WordPress site is mainly just written content) so these may or may not be possible to do!

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  4. Why in game 1 did you not blightning before you thinax? you keep him off bushwacker/ranger mana and leave him with no cards.

  5. I really really like this type of content. Even though I’m not going to be playing either of these decks, seeing the way the decks play out in a number of situations, and the insights on what the default choices people will be used to making is far more useful than just a decklist.

  6. Play summit crack forest seems much better with nothing BB in the deck and Garruk needing GG. Guess it works out when you draw terminate and he has double landfaller =P.

  7. at 1:07 you infer that it doesn’t really matter wether you get a swamp or a forest, when you know that there are 3 dragonskull summits as potential draws in the deck, making, well, it matter.

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