28 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Constructed Matchups – Jund vs. Boros, Games 10-11”

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  2. This site is amazing. These videos are fantastic. Keep up the good work CF. Seriously killing starcity with the quality of your content.

  3. Awesome idea. I wish these videos had been up before Zendikar Game Day.

    I see that you are playing Deathmark instead of Thought Hemorrhage, how is that working out?

    Thanks again!

  4. Thought Hemorrhage is just terrible, I don’t see why he’d even consider it. I am interested why he doesn’t have any Stags though.

  5. I disagree with you siding out garruk i have yet to play boros against jund and win after garruk resolves, however i have not tested extensively

  6. Thanks again for the videos. Sideboarding was extremely informational. Between Cwlestial Purge and Path would it not be better to leave in Blightning? or bring in Duress? It seems that your better creatures never stick.

    Would be great if you can see these games from the other side of the table as well

  7. Thanks for all the videos. I would have liked a bit more games with sideboards, since on a tourney, you are going to play at least as many games with your sideboard.

  8. Woot non-oppinionated video. I really do think G1 the matchup is in Jund’s favor. I think Boros has less awkward draws than Jund Overrall though it would be nice if Brad posted the video from his perspective I think it would be super benneficial. I am a boros player so it was really informative to see the game play out from the Jund players POV.

  9. I’d like to know more about your sideboard(ing). Why not leave Blightning in against Boros? If you get him to discard his 2 last cards he can’t re-fill with Ranger and he can’t bushwack you.

    Why no Great Sable Stags? Aren’t they better to have in the mirror (and against Vampires) than the Goblin? On the other hand, the Ruinblaster is probably much better against any sort of control deck, even though it can attack past Wall of Denial and Sphinx.

  10. Definately think about mark of asylum sideboard for boros. Owns jund. Plus imagine going oh wow my only good kill spells are terminate and maelstrom pulse. Which pulse has to target the mark radther than a creature.

    Think about it, test it.

  11. it might be a function of limited slots, ruinblaster is good in the mirror and great vs control/5cc cascade

    vampires gets beat up by your main 60 anyway and doesn’t get much help post side, I could see extra slots for boros being the best play, though at some casual fnm deathmark ->stag might be a better play

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  13. Great video.

    I really don’t know about those rief pumplands, though. your deck is already pretty slow with the M10 duals and Savage lands. (When I say slow, I mean relative to boros bushwhacker.) Were you ever happy to draw the pumpland over a forest?

    You mulled a LOT in those 11 games… maybe you need to tinker with that mana base a little.

  14. Yes. Moar. Awesome. No amount of written “matchup analysis” can be as helpful as just playing a bunch of games, and this is movement in the correct direction.

    Grats, LSV, you have the best Magic strategy site on the internets.

  15. Joel aka Samuel Beckett on mtgo


    There was one thing you said a couple of times that I thought was a mistake. You would often sack fetch when you had one black source and one green source in play and say it doesn’t matter which one you get. Most of the times you fetched a swamp. In at least one case you had no other lands in hand, so in that case it does matter which you fetch as you have garruk in your deck as a two green mana cost spell whereas you don’t have and double black spells. I suppose after sideboard if you had duresses and deathmarks you might want the swamp but at least pre board I think fetching the forest is the right play.

  16. No doubt Oran-Rief is good, but we saw 10+ games.

    I saw a lot of M10 duals coming into play tapped because he didn’t have any basic lands.

    What a lot of people are doing in my local environ is -2 lightning bolts +2 vines of the vastwood. That way your blocker doesn’t get pathed against Boros.

  17. Agreed, this was truly great and better than most other offerings out on the web.

    One helpful suggestion would be (and this would make such videos downright god-like), would be to offer a recap of the matches. Perhaps a bit redundant (since you make lots of good comments in the games themselves), but certainly didactic, and teaching is the goal, after all.

  18. Thank you guys so much for posting the videos. You are really setting a standard for strategy websites with your great articles as well as the awesome limited and constructed videos. Thanks again and please keep making the vids. I would also like to see the matches from Brad Nelson’s point of view because I would really like to see his thought process while running the Boros deck. Great Job!

  19. Don’t know what you guys are talking about, discussing cutting Ruinblaster for Stags. Drop the Duresses and play both!

  20. SO I saw this in a post somewhere but I want to reinforce. What would make this type of series FFfreakin Awesome!! would be to have both sides of the table. Maybe you could do an even number of matches and have an equal amount each or just do half the amount and have 2 videos of the same match with narration from each of you….or whomever you end up doing the next serries with.

    Just my two cents.

  21. Excellent videos. Mulling hurts quite a bit in this matchup, though it helped that the Boros had the stone-cold nuts hand/draws game 1. I don’t think you ever take out Blightning, to be frank — I’d take out Broodmates, actually, as they’re just too slow for the matchup.

    Anyway, I’d love to see more of these.

  22. i hate boros. whenever i play against them they always get the nuts draws… seriously, one game i saw 3 rangers in a row.

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