7 thoughts on “Channel LSV: AAC Draft #6 – Match 3, Game 1 (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. Both on-site match 1 links go to part 1 of this match.
    So for anyone that hadn’t figured it out yet, to get to part 2 of this match simply follow this link:

    You can also manually change ‘part-1-of-2’ to ‘part-2-of-2’ in your browser.

    Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this one forever too. For a while I thought LSV just split because his deck was so horrendous. Glad to see you stuck it out and went for gold, LSV!

  2. I noticed just now that clicking the pictures of any match brings you to Game 1 Part 1, while clicking the link above it will take you to the correct game (and part).

  3. I think I would have unearthed my untapper to kill the drumhunter, the turn after he droped it. the game would be lot more intresting if your opponenet didn’t make some strage X:0 blocks in your favor.

  4. Mike Destroyer

    on turn 4, you could have attacked with brackwater, then bounced it with alchemist. replay it and later unearth it. once you draw absorb vis + pro-green bear, you win. you would have put him on a short clock, and he probably would have needed to use his removal for the alchemist, saving maybe the esper battlemage.

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