12 thoughts on “Channel LSV: AAC Draft #6 – Drafting AAC (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. Just from how part 1 went I’m going to guess you lost in 1st or 2nd round

    I love grixis but I’ve always regretted first picking cruel ultimatum. It’s not even good in all grixis decks, let alone decks in general. I would’ve gone with thunder as it’s the most versatile and targeted removal is what IMO wins games, but tower gargoyle (mostly for signaling) and even jund charm (jund open to 5cc, which is better in AAC than ACR) would’ve been better. You couldn’t really help the 2nd pack being weak but you were already looking pretty bad coming out of the first pack.

  2. Lol i should watch these more to learn how to play these stupid cruel ultimatum decks xD

  3. Throw some AB in there too. Thats what everybody is drafting nowadays and I really enjoy these videos.

    Plus, AB is on MTGO now, so you don’t have an excuse. 🙂

  4. I probably would have taken Tower Gargoyle first pick, as you can theoretically play either Grixis or Bant, and it should be easy to splash for. I have done this a few times and it’s worked out pretty well in the past. Of course, you can also go straight for Grixis, and Cruel will definitely be a game-winning card there, but it forces you to take fixing higher and have an overall less exciting deck for the times when you don’t get to cast the ultimatum.

    I know that this is AAC, but in ACR I think the decision becomes even easier, as Gargoyle is a multicolored permanent, pumping blades, and Cruel is so slow that it can lose in a fast format like ACR.

  5. It would be nice for a full draft to be posted at once rather than the drafting and then playing slowly filtering in. Sitting down to watch a full draft is a much nicer experience (and I feel I learn more) than watching it in bits like this.

  6. I absolutely agree with Astray. Please post the full draft at once !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Amazing work by the way. http://www.channelfireball.com is awesome and I’ll buy my boxes on this Website from now on to reward such great articles/videos.

  7. I have just one request, and I don’t know how easy this is to do, but I know lots of other people do. When the whole draft is posted, can it be made into a Youtube playlist, it’s a lot more convenient, and it makes watching it a lot more coherent.

    Love these videos, they’ve really helped me draft better, thanks.

  8. I’m pretty sure the reason this is AAC is that this was recorded before LSV went on his trip. Being that he’s been going from Barcalona to Seattle and testing for that GP this week, I don’t think he would have time to do a draft video. I would imagine that they would have an ACR one between now and next week’s PT though.

  9. well it seems that a lot of people have already stated their opinions about your 1st pick, but i thought id throw in my 2 cents. By passing the tower gargoyle and the strong red cards you are pretty effectively cutting yourself off from the colors that you want in the second pack. And i dont think conflux has a lot of strong cards for grixis. If you take the gargoyle you are not only allowing yourself more freedom because its a much easier card to spash for, but you are also sending a better signal to set yourself up for the second pack. The other cards are good, but just dont match up in power to the gargoyle or ultimatum and i think its a mistake to take them in this pack.

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