8 thoughts on “Channel LSV: AAC Draft #4 – Match 3, Game 2”

  1. I got lucky there…
    Your deck was one of the best I’ve played against lately, so I was surprised that I won.
    It’s good to see how it came together in these vids and I hope to play you again someday.


  2. Your first 3 drafts were brilliant but this one’s left me scratching my head; considering you just wrote an entire article on the importance of having a gameplan in limited. Surely the plan here was win with powerful late-game engines? why all the futile racing against font of mythos burn decks?

  3. Link makes a nice point and it’s a mistake I’ve started kicking myself really hard for because I keep doing it.

    I’m modestly losing a race as expected with my midrange or control build. They have a big creature I can’t effectively block but I have a medium creature to hold off a couple small guys. Then I play a better blocker, figure I have the defense locked up, and sneak in for 2. Only to find they remove my blocker and I just traded 2 damage to speed up a race I’m losing.

    In a close race sneaking hits in can help later, but more often I have to remember “Who’s the beatdown? Not me.” This game reminded me of that.

  4. It’s been pointed out here already but I want to make it clear since this is a game loss we can all learn from.

    You made a terrible, game-altering mistake in this game. I was screaming at my computer screen when you attacked with the Mechanist to send your opponent from 15 to 13. Any removal spell wrecks you there during the subsequent turn and it did. If the Mechinist stays back that turn, the Gargoyle and the Mechanist trade with the Cliffrunner Behemoth and you have plenty of gas left to rebuild.

    At the end of the video, when your opponent played Volcanic Fallout, you said “guess there is nothing I can do about that.” That was utterly false. If you had played correctly, the Fallout would not have been lethal

    In addition to making a mistake in not thinking about what your opponent could do next turn, I think you also made a mistake in underestimating your opponent. I think you played poorly because you made an assumption about your opponent based on the fact that he was playing Font of Mythos. I can’t defend playing Font, particularly not at either point in the game when it was played, but you clearly turned your brain off as soon as you saw the Font.

    I appreciate these videos a lot and I particularly appreciate your willingness to show us embarassing losses. A little more analysis in these types of situations would be helpful though.


  5. I see the point to the font,
    Hes an aggro deck, if hes a head he wants to play the font to make sure he has the gas to win. He thinks he can win before you can make use of your exta cards

  6. For all the debate of the merits of the font, the guy did 3-0 the draft with it maindeck, no?

  7. I played it maindeck, yes. Mainly because I had a deck with an obcene amount of removal spells. But also because there was really no other card worth playing as my number 23rd card and no reason to play 18 lands…


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