11 thoughts on “Channel LSV: AAC Draft #4 – Match 1, Game 2”

  1. Those videos were awesome and all, but where are the rest. Did LSV drop after the first round?

  2. I haven’t drafted online before so I don’t know if this is always how it goes, but why are a majority of the people you play so bad? They make really basic errors…

  3. I too would like to see the other matches, or possible a reason as to why they are not up?

  4. Try watching a few matches at FNM. As it turns out, people are bad Magic on and offline.

  5. Why are people bad?

    People. Are. Bad.

    I mean, come on. Everyone makes mistakes. Many people make more than others. I might have made one or two of those myself… unflattering though that is to admit.

    Like, it just seems that you expect something a lot better than any group of people I know of can deliver. MODO or IRL.

  6. It isn’t that I don’t punt my fair share of games, but a large majority of the games recorded seem to be against people who are unusually bad… I was just wondering if people tend to be worse online, although I would assume this is dependent on where you live. I play by Cal Berkeley, and maybe people are more competitive here? Just wondering

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