6 thoughts on “Channel LSV: AAC Draft #4 – Match 1, Game 1 (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. Towards the end of Match 1, Game 2, Part 2 I’m thinking “Your board is so awesome but this guy is just going to top deck Fallout with you at 1 life and that will be that.” I was only thinking that because he was at 20+ life and the video only 2 minutes left. Of course, then you drop the Sphinx and I totally forgot how insane that guy gets.

  2. On the turn after he played Mostodon and you played Sanctum Gargoyle and played a random 2 drop, wouldn’t it have been better to play Darklit Gargoyle instead of Metallurgeon to avoid auto-losing to Branching Bolt?

  3. Also, why not play out cormorants instead of the second gargs so that you can keep the recursion plan online? They both got you the 3 toughness for 4 that you needed.

  4. You should’ve just returned Esperzoa at some point with so many spells in your hand (or at least considered it).

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