12 thoughts on “Channel LSV: AAC Draft #3 – Drafting AAC (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. "Tidehollow strix is pretty nice I'd think we wouldn't mind getting another death touch guy, and by that I mean obviously we're taking crumbling necropolis, good god! It's just like the best card ever". – LSV's thoughts on wheeling a 2nd Tidehollow strix.

    "Heh, at first I was like hmm, second blightning or obelisk..? And then I saw magma spray and didn't really have to think anymore". – LSV's thoughts on cheap removal.

    Awesome commentary! Almost as good as the play Jund charm, and wreck your shit comment. A bit surprised by how quickly this is up after #2 draft just being posted. But I'm not complaining I could watch this shit all day. Especially now with classes out.

  2. I lol’d pretty hard at the crumbling necropolis pick.. cant wait till my friends watch lol!!

  3. @ mckhick

    when you win some pro tours, you can talk crap about people better than you. until then stfu.

  4. @joe

    Try actually reading comments before replying to one. How is saying “Awesome commentary!” talking crap about LSV? (Hint: It’s NOT sarcasm)

  5. joe just clearing things up, i think mckhick was saying that he loved the commentary and that lsv is the best, so i reccomend learning to read before you try to act cool for calling people out

  6. I know I am completely off-topic, but I think you are not reading the comments of your article about BW tokens anymore, so…

    I spent a lot of time (re)reading that article and Josh’s to learn as much as I could.

    The result of all this is that I just won a regional today, thanks to you and wrapter. Thank you again.

  7. austin,

    thanks for your two cents.

    at least you know my heart was in the right place 🙂

  8. I think the draft videos are excellent and you’ve made me reconsider the strength of several picks. I enjoy watching them and hope to see you do more of them in the future, I just feel a bit sorry for the site that they appear to have gained a community full of youtubers and the quality of comments isn’t as high as it deserves.

    I’am wondering why you consider Outlander such a late pick, while it’s not insta win wreck face awesome, it is a very solid plan against Naya and Bant decks (Esper often fliers over). I think that A/C/R may up the value of outlanders due to the blade circle and having a 3 out of 5 chance of shutting them down entirely.

  9. Blightning unplayable. Blightning = a stone cold wrecking against some, solid against most, and just terrible against a few decks. That averages out to a card I play more often than not. I can’t remember the exact pick in the draft, but didn’t he already have an Obelisk of Grixis plus like 3 fixing lands?

  10. love the draft vids, these are great, can’t wait till ACR format.

    i know that naya panorama fetches red and your splash color, but doesn’t cancel fit into your plan better? if you could shed some light on this pick that’d be great, thanks!

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