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  1. Thank you so much for putting this on youtube. I can finally watch it now. Good luck with the new player.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I hope you get some agreement with youtube for whatever it was you requested.

  3. No idea what you mean when you say “powerful” because it really runs the whole list of quality levels in this one video. Otherwise, good video and I like that you ran an offbeat archetype just to see what it was like.

  4. Thanks for putting this on Youtube. Maybe people will stop complaining about free content. 🙂

    But seriously, this is the first watchable video posted on this site in a while, and I thank you for that.

  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you CF for making this watchable again!!!!!!!!

    I fully respect that you should be able to monetize your efforts and get paid, but that other player was just such a setback.

  6. Not sure why people hated the player that much, it was definitely ok on my end.Youtube has a ton of other advantages though, like reply system notification by e-mail and ability to comment on separate games instead of having to write down all your thoughts in 1 post.
    Thanks for putting these up regardless

  7. Thank you so much for putting this on youtube. It felt dirty being dissatisfied with the content on CFB, you guys are the best.

  8. I think you value the Sylvok Lifestaff way too low. Moriok Replica is good and all but I have often seen myself with a couple of shikaris and no decent equipment at the end of drafts. You were really lucky to get that second lifestaff imo. Generally, it makes your small guys matter in combat while it also provides a good way to win the damage race, whether you’re on offense or defense.
    Although you got two very good equipments in the end, you should have run the lifestaff over something like Flesh Allergy #2 as it makes two of your guys incredibly strong and your fliers
    get in more damage. Nevertheless a pretty decent draft and a good example that you don’t always need a themed deck. Thanks for sharing and keep it up. 🙂

  9. I’ll be happy to view adverts whenever you work out how to put them back in, but for now, it’s great to be enjoying unbroken high-resolution video on my laptop, and having the option of watching on my phone again. Thanks!

  10. Its so strange, Youtube loads crapslow and makes it really hard to fast forward on all settings for me and the other player worked great (atleast after the first couple of videos).

  11. Brad,

    Please do not do the crazy sports-like commentary with your friend. I (and I assume most people) watch these videos for magic playing content. You give very insightful commentary, and that is what i enjoy most about your videos. I am not interested in gimmicky “comedy”.


  12. I would have taken the first lifestaff over the replica (you’re not metalcraft, you’re equipment based), and also the dross hopper over the moriok reaver. The ability to push through a few points in the air is very crucial for aggressive decks, and it has good synergy with perilous myr and even flesh allergy. I really think dross hopper is much more powerful than the reaver in black aggressive decks.

  13. I also would have tried to end up with at least one necrogen censer; it’s again great for pushing though the last bits of damage (much better than the second reaver) and it can be blinked with stag to hit them for even more.

  14. I don’t mind the player, and if it’s bringing you guys ad revenue why not release videos on the player like a week early and for people who really can’t stand it they will be uploaded to Youtube later

  15. m3 you left black open a few times instead of white, to rep your seize trick. There really isnt any trick besides the poison instant in black, and he saw the trick earlier, so theres no reason imo to leave black open instead of white

  16. Roundtwo gametwo

    Thanks CFB for putting it up on youtube again, the other player gave me a huge headache every time i watched it.

  17. Thank you CFB for putting these back on YouTube. I killed nearly a dozen people last week out of frustration with your player. You are saving lives.

  18. bravo. even if this is a temporary move back to youtube while the new player is ironed out, good on you all at CF.

    a thousand thank-yous!

  19. Brad, may I just point out that Lirewire Lash + Sunspear Shikari is a great combo?

    You do realize that re-equipping the Lash onto the Shikari will trigger the Shock-ability, and since the Shikari got Lifelink, you will also gain 2 life. You could end m3g3 a LOT faster by doing this 😛

    Also, I agree with that you’re undervaluing the Lifestaff. I think it’s great, and would love to main it with 2x Shikaris already, and take it out against the infect-deck.

    Else, cheers for the video! Love it, really, keep it up! And good luck and the GP :-)!



    PS. Remember the combo! DS.

  20. Zombie, Lash only triggers when the creature is targeted by a spell, if it was ability too it would be kinda nutso.


    Lifestaff is great, etc. M1, G2 I probably would have gotten back the Perilous Myr with the Hipogriff. Myr+Equipped Sentinel would kill his wurm, which was really his only route to victory at that point.

    Thanks a lot for the videos.

  21. @zombie
    RTFC man….key word: ‘spell’ 🙂

    love the part ‘i saw LSV plaied this so it is probably unplayable’ ;D

  22. Lifestaff needs to be in the maindeck with 2 Shikari and only 2 other equipment, I think its miles ahead of where you value it.

    Either way, fun to watch your drafts, thanks!

  23. Nice comeback in that last game. Thanks for the video.

    BTW You definitely undervalue the Lifestaff. It’s a racing machine.

  24. I would be interested in guest commentators. The draft videos with LSV + TSG were pretty good, after all.

  25. Lifestaff is really good. It’s easily the best common equipment (the shield is the 2nd best and strider harness the 3rd) in the set and better than most uncommon ones: darksteel axe is obv better but it’s better than battlegear and arbalest (those are only better in a few specific deck or with a few specific cards). And Lens sucks.

  26. Guest commentating sounds awesome! I love when lsv and tsg do videos together. They are funny and provide useful insight at the same time, since you get to hear two people’s opinions about a draft pick or a certain line of play instead of just one.

  27. I think brad made the right choice about the staff… here’s why:

    -He passed several turn to slag and at least one Acid web spider which will make your equipments 2 for 1’s (except darksteel ax)
    -He has no mana myr in his deck so he is basically tapping all his mana every turn to play spells and having the extra mana to equip won’t happen all the time.
    -Since he has no mana myr his overall creatures are decent even without equipment. When you have a bunch of mana myr than there can be a big difference between a 1/1 and a 2/1.
    -Ever had an opening hand of 2 equipment 1 spell and 4 lands…. not a very happy time when you draw only 2 creatures and your opponent has removal for them…. having lots of equipment both in the early game and late game is very bad.

  28. Thank you for going back to Youtube, even if it is temporary until the player gets fixed. Either way, hopefully you guys can get revenue out of it like you were apparently trying to before, having (viewer-side) free content is an amazing thing.

  29. I think if you wouldn’t want to try out the Equipment.dec, there is no way that someone would consider taking the bear over a 2:1 flier or removal spell that deals with almost any creature.
    After you have picked up the Skinrender, I would have just taken the Sign in Blood Replica out of the pack.
    Between the 2 equipment cats, double Flesh Allergy, Necrogen Scudder ,B Replica your deck could have gotten a lot of value out of the Lifestaff’s lifegain effect, not to mention that it makes your creatures trade up with stuff that is up to 2 mana more expensive, while helping you stabilize.

  30. Oh and thanks for having this on youtube until the problems with the new video player are resolved.

    As for the commentary: I would love to have your friend as a guest commentator for those videos.

  31. So glad this went up on youtube. Like many others have said, I have no problem (and am happy for you all if you can do it) with ads being on the videos, or with you hosting your own. Yes I can’t watch them on my phone anymore, but that’s not a big deal. If the quality is as good or better than youtube’s 720, I’ll watch here. But until then, I’m glad there was one on youtube in the meantime.

  32. TWS: No, it wouldn’t. Sentinel would be sacrificed.

    Also, a 4-3-2-2? It certainly explains why Skinrender went that late.

  33. @ Some Guy

    I don’t know if you’ve heard but indestructible creatures can’t be destroyed.

  34. Thanks a lot Brad!

    One thing though, in M3G2, why not using Seize the Initiative to give the Skinrender +1/+1? That would’ve put your opponent at 2, and then your Flesh Allergy on his Elf Legend would’ve killed him, right?

  35. @LSV: I’d pay $ for a no-ads option on your draft vids. Wouldn’t hesitate to shell out $50/yr, and would consider paying more. Your content is worth it, and I really hate ads. Just saying, if you guys ever consider implementing a premium membership – there’s at least one person interested.

  36. – You undervalue Lifestaff.
    – Your opponents undervalue Lifestaff. (How late did you get that thing!?)
    – A guest commentary (maybe two) would be cool, but I personally would prefer that it not be a regular thing.

  37. love the videos, thank you for not using in house video player. quality is much improved. wouldn’t mind guest commentator

  38. @SomeGuy, he was in a prerelease… Only option available to him was 4-3-2-2, so it’s not as if he was dodging competition or anything

  39. I’m not a fan of Idol over Lifestaff when you have 2 Shikari and only 6 other artifacts (including the 6 drop that usually gets played EOT). As you said, you want to curve out, and having to spend W basically every turn to animate it seems bad compared to having a third way to power up your kitties.

    Humourous guest commentary sounds fun for a change of pace, especially after the format has been out for a while and everyone knows most of the cards at least at a basic level.

    M3G3 he couldn’t dubs block Shikari, since you could Trigon the Beast and first strike it and the Relic. He could have trips blocked it though, but at that point he has a 2/2 to your two 3/3s. Also, gang blocking Molder Beast seems bad when he can Shatter your Lash and 3 for 2 you (plus a point), vs. being at parity in cards and only falling to 6. Plus you lose your flier, which can shorten the clock if the ground gets gummed up or Shikari dies. Nice play on shrinking the Relics, I was hoping you’d do it and stabilize over being greedy and killing the Myr.

  40. THANKS for the youtube vids! so much better to watch than the other player.

    also guest commentator and more relaxed style sounds like good fun!

  41. Locuseater: I still think he should have played lifestaff but I was more talking about the picks. I think in the draft i would have ended up in a RB deck.

    Also R2G3: when you attacked with just the shikari and skinrender you should just attack with everything because that makes him block the 3/2 with the 3/3 and you deal 7 (assuming he has nothing in hand). If he rips angel than at least he’s at 3.

  42. “Don’t know what to think about Clone Shell. I did see Luis playing it so it’s probably unplayable.”
    Big grins.

    Then in Match 2 of Game 1, when looking at the Moriok Reaver art: “Is that his brain or is that hair? It’s a human, so it’s probably not brain.” Epic laughs

  43. Wow got to the finals and the guy didn’t know counters stay on permanents regardless if they’re creatures or not. There’s a lot of interactions in this format which makes it fun to play and watch, thanks for the videos.

  44. The most broken use for Necrogen Censor I’ve found:

    Turn 2: Glint Hawk Idol.
    T3: Censor, animate Idol, ping for 2 (18), attack for 2 (16).
    T4: Ping for 2 (14), Glint Hawk bouncing Censor, Censor, animate Idol, ping for 2 (12), swing for 2 (10).

    If your opponent has no removal or fliers, he’s looking at going to 4 next turn, and lethal on turn 6. For only 3 cards and some lands, that’s very good. Even if your opponent has an answer, you can usually get them to at least 10, and you should have at least 3-4 other cards to play at that point anyway. My best decks thus far have been very aggressive W/R metalcraft decks that include that combo, which has accounted for at least a third of my wins with this type of deck.

  45. Okay, first think i need to say is thank you for switching away from that god-awful player. i was actually able to watch this draft all the way through without taking a break for my eyes like i had to with the old one.

    I love the 2 person commentary idea. when LSV did it with ROE, it gave me more insight on how other people value cards during the draft portion, and allowed for more lines of play to be thought up. and of course, the entertainment value of 2 people who’ve know each other forever giving each other crap is always a bonus

  46. Major compliments for putting the videos back on YouTube. It takes real emotional maturity to change your position and back down from your earlier stand when you realize it’s the right thing to do. Let us know if you need subscribers, a write-in campaign for partnership, or even just donations.

  47. videos are great, thanks.

    for what it’s worth, I don’t like the idea of guest commentators or trying to add ‘entertainment’ of any kind to the videos. I watch them for the strategy and am a huge fan of as much ‘monotone voice’ analysis as possible.

    TSG LSV is a good combo though, since TSG asks very good questions and is able to draw out useful remarks from LSV

  48. Sweet! Thanks for youtubing this. I’ve been missing my CF fix since the new player kept me from enjoying these.

  49. @ jokeeeer
    If you you tube is lagging lower the video quality down to 360p and that should fix the problem.
    Magic online doesn’t put out hd quality graphics anyway.

  50. I may not be a pro, but it seems to me if you’re going to pass obviously superior cards to force an equipment plan, you should probably take at least a couple pieces of equipment pretty much as early as possible so you can’t get completely hated out. The deck worked, but when your M3 opponent doesn’t understand how counters function, “it worked,” becomes a pretty thin argument.

  51. Guest commentator seems like a fun idea. The very last game was epic!

    I like tumble magnet more pick 1 pack 1, its just a little more versatile that revoke. I like the sunspear strategy you took, building a baneslayer is pretty bad ass.

    Good draft!

  52. I have found that black/white is a pretty mean combo in this format. Stag and glinthawk with “comes into play” effects, both are sizzling. Skinrender with stag is even more disgusting than scrapmelter with stag, and thats saying something. Glinthawk also creates great interactions with necrogen censor, tumble magnet, contagion clasp, and the various trigons. I know you weren’t running hawks, but they are awesome in this format. Don’t think of him as a fast beater, but as a charge counter reset.

    I have played 10 SoM drafts, and won 5 so far. Some critique/tips to help anyone interested:

    I usually pick kemba skyguard pretty high. You had an opportunity to run more than 3 of them easily (They wheeled even). There aren’t many fliers that trade with them at common, except in blue and white. White/x skies is definitely good in this format, and generally easy to get going. Having 4-8 2/2 fliers in a deck with 2-4 equipment is sick. The best cards to pair with the archetype would be glint hawks, glint hawk idols, tumble magnet, necrogen censor, trigon of rage, and most power enhancing equipment. I have won 3 drafts with this archetype. It is fast out the gate, very aggressive, and ignores all but the biggest bombs. Kemba skyguard also makes racing much easier.

    Sunspear Shikari is also a pet card of mine. Very strong, especially with 2-4 equipment. If you like it, try running red/white equipment archetype. Goblin Gaveleer, Sunspear Shikari, and fliers with 3-4 equipment (Lens, Pinions, Shield are even good here). It is very aggressive and even has a strong late game due to equipment. A metalcraft subtheme is also easily doable within the build as well. The gaveleer is quite underdrafted I find. A gaveleer with equipment is actually quite the beating and can even sit home to block the bigger guys in the format. I haven’t won with the archetype (lost in the finals to the Masticore/Phoenix/Hellkite deck). It is still very strong and even gave that bomb driven deck some close games.

  53. I still don’t know how you can pass that Engulfing slagwurm from the first pack without even mentioning it. I was waiting for “oh the format is fast, its too expensive, we wanna stay white” something like that. And when you said “Oh that has to die” in game 1 round 1, I thought “well you could be the one playing that super huge bomb rare”, not to mention all the green that was passed to you, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

  54. i wonder why you didnt take out the Livesmith in the one match when you were in a hard race situation. i mean the odds for him having or finding an artifact arent thats slim imo and one trigger could have just messed up the whole race math. at the end it didnt matter, just asking why you didnt take the smith into account at all.

  55. So sick that you foreshadowed the seize the initiative+livewire lash combo that ultimately was your demise in Toronto. Telling the future is pretty next level.

  56. just started watching first vid, got to quickly say THANK YOU for switching this back to youtube

  57. the pick i largely disappoint is trigon of corruption instead of leaden myr. With such a heavy 4 drop curve the balck myr wuold have been super.

  58. I’ll fourth/fifth/sixth the comments supporting Lifestaff. Letting your smaller creatures trade up while gaining life is amazing in a race situation.

    I’d also like it if there was another person with you in the videos. I think it makes it easier to explain things when you’re talking to someone who can give you immediate feedback, or question some choices that you wouldn’t normally think to explain to us (see LSV’s videos with TSG).


  59. Brad, why don’t you like the Lifestaff? It would have been more consistent than the Seize, allowing your 3/2s and 3/3s to trade up with things like chrome steed.

  60. You never really discussed blinking one of your opponents guys. Did you realize it can do that? Its a pretty good response to sunblast angel if they have other guys that attacked, and you sounded shocked when the guy round 2 bounced his angel

  61. Also want to say I love that you’re back to youtube. I’m also totally fine with the ads. But, the last player was just really bad.
    I’m not a huge fan of the guest drafters. But, once in a while is fine.

  62. arent 4-3-2-2- queues are bit easy for you? Come on man, you are leading the pro player race. give your titles due and play 8-4.

  63. Awesome, I have no love of youtube, but its SOOOOO much better.

    Bring in the guest commentator. Maybe one of the robots from mystery science theatre ;-).

    mark kelso: it was a prerelease draft,with their awful payouts – there was nothing BUT 4-3-2-2.

  64. @abdallah

    dont you think he usually 8-4s? The prerelease drafts were set up different. It cost $20 and 4-3-2-2s were the only option. It was a pretty nice ripoff as anything new on modo usually is, but hey at least he got a foil wurmcoil

  65. If you’re running the Shikaris, you should be running the Lifestaff, especially since it is absolute hell on any non-poison deck trying to race you.

  66. Since I complained about the viewer in the last weeks, I will have to say here that I appreciate you guys going back to this mode.

    Thank you.

    “A regular viewer”

  67. Appreciate the switch back to YouTube. Driving away the bulk of your userbase was a path to disaster. I hope you can find another delivery channel for ads.
    You may want to somehow indicate on the main page that the draft is not using the terrible player.
    I am now seriously considering buying some cards from you even though I only play MODO.
    A sidekick commentator is a good idea, but I am a little leery of the suggested comic or gimmicky tone. Stick to Magic.

  68. …and since I forgot to say so in my previous comment, definitely bring a friend for the next Draft vid! Maybe it will be awesome, maybe it will just be OK, but it is definitely worth the experiment.

  69. I think that the comedy commentary would be awesome, as long as it didn’t take away from the draft.

    Finals game 2, why didn’t you seize the initiative, then use flesh allergy to get in the final 3 damage? Not that it mattered anyway since he conceded next turn, just curious.

    Thanks for the videos, they’ve really helped improve my game.

  70. Like all pros i saw a few possible misplays, not killing the lifesmith at one point.

    In one game you forecast the livewire lash being countered, but could have put it down turn 2 when he was tapped out (i know you want a creature out but his was a mana myr, no threat)

    So then he considers countering a sunspear (seems like a misplay of counterspell) or holding off as he takes first striking life linking possibly being shocked damage.

    Also, thank you for going to youtube, your player was really hard to manage even if it is just youtube until you fix your player.

  71. I don’t mind the add, and monetizing your efforts seems fine, but putting this back into a watchable player is A+

  72. @Steven he said he just clicked ok one too many times.

    Thanks for the video, glad to see it on youtube, and would be glad to watch one were you did it with someone else.

  73. @FFFreak do you think you lose if he doesn’t attack like that in m3 g3? I think it still would have been insteresting, too bad he missplayed.

  74. From my play experience I actually believe Clone Shell is a good card to play! I say this because he is a very good bluff card. I managed to deal 8 damage alone with Clone shell before my opponent decided to block him. If you think about it Clone Shell is an unblockable creature on top of that you are most likly to play another creature spell for free. Haha and who knows, maybe the card you have hidden isn’t a bluff!!!

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  76. Match 2, sideboard:
    No thoughts on siding in Fulgent Distraction against the Sunblast Angel? Honestly that would be the funniest thing to watch: He casts Sunblast before he attacks to avoid losing crits, and you Fulgent him out, not to mention you can Fulgent his Angel out, too.
    Just saying 😉

  77. Thank God the YouTube player is back…what a HUGE difference it made!

    @Brad’s draft deck: Way to think outside the box and try playing some colors that don’t always work together.

    @a second commentator: Definitely worth a try, for at least one draft. If it sucks, at least you tried it.

  78. How appropriate that Sunspear Shikari digs you out of an otherwise unwinnable position to steal the draft. I guess the experiment was a success then, eh?

    Praise Jeebus for the return to the youtube player. I hope you guys find an alternative method of paying your bills, because that other player was just horrible. Well played, sir. Keep em comin.

  79. I think engulfing slagwurm is a windmill slam…he dies to almost nothing in this format, literally. He’s so sick even if he doesn’t attack.

  80. hey brad,
    thanks a lot for the videos! I quite enjoyed watching them and am amazed at how you always seem to get yourself out of trouble. I like your commenting style and that you can share the eventual laugh even when things look dire, nice play. I would love some co-commenting.



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