105 thoughts on “Channel FFfreak: M11 Draft #2”

  1. this player is bad. nice video tho i wasn’t clear on your green force concept but im not the best magic drafter

  2. it does not have the ability to change the resolution (at least none that i can tell), and it buffers VERY slowly.

  3. Ah, ok, you just to wait over a minute for something to start. And then approximately 40 minutes for the complete Video to load. Unless this is a rare server problem for the new host, please go back to Youtube, because no matter how awesome your draft videos are I don’t have THAT much time to load them.

  4. this is barely functional. You know how people test magic decks before bringing them to a tournament? similar logic might apply here.


  5. Also, not sure if you have any control over this, try and switch the ads up. Seeing the same commercial about 10 times in the span of an hour seriously limits it’s effectiveness.

  6. Full screen is too wide for my monitor so I have patches of white above and below the video. Very painful on the eyes.

  7. wow, and I couldn’t even get it to start again after I posted.

    Too bad. I really liked this site and what it offered too.

  8. Seriously, what was wrong with YouTube? You can choose the quality, it buffered quickly and was perfectly fine.

  9. chill people, it’s on youtube. It just takes a little longer to get there sometimes

    good video, but FFFreak is really full of himself sometimes. I guess all pros are to a degree…

  10. Huh, the player worked just fine for me, earlier tonight. Funny thing, I always had much a lot of trouble seeing the YouTube videos here at the site, and had to actually go to Channel Fireball to watch them. But I guess if everybody else is having problems, that is a bit of an issue…

  11. Youtube is up if you prefer to watch it there. Some of you guys need to cut some slack. The crew at Channel Fireball puts in the effort to keep us happy at no charge and all you do is point out the flaws and bash them for it when one thing goes wrong. Sincerely good work to everyone involved with this site.

  12. it took a long time to buffer and the ads sucked. was it switched to make money off the videos? the adds i can mostly ignore so they are fine but the buffering time made me not watch all of it.

  13. Hey guys,

    We’ve been working for some time now on hosting our own videos. Unfortunately, as some of you may (or not) be aware, web hosting, scaling, and bandwidth are all very difficult things for an upstart company such as us (ChannelFireball) to deal with. The reason for this is to generate some revenue to offset the cost of bringing you this content (as well as the articles) at no cost.

    Hosting the videos ourselves will allow us to do this through ad serving. Our ad partner renews their contracts quarterly and right now a lot of their contracts are up, so that’s why those of you who saw ads likely saw the same ones over and over.

    We appreciate your patience as well as your patronage; I’ve posted Brad’s draft on Youtube for now and until we resolve these other issues you can expect to continue to see a free draft or constructed video set go up every weekday here at ChannelFireball (and be able to watch it).

    Until then,


  14. This setup is noticeably worse than the old setup to the point where I don’t think it can be salvaged. Just go back to the way it used to be please, and add ads if you really need to. That’s fine, being unplayably slow, filling the screen with white on fullscreen, etc. are almost too much to deal with.

  15. Isn’t there a way to have ads before YouTube videos? I’m sure I’ve seen ads on YouTube videos before.

    Honestly, I never saw an ad with the other player after watching the first two videos because I was fed up with how poorly it buffered and how much *uglier* it was in general than YouTube’s player.

  16. I cannot believe you lost M2G2. Why again did you not attack your team in when he was at 4 life? So what if you lost a stupid bear. None of them was going to be relevant after that point anyway.

  17. In R1G1, I feel as though the ‘scoop’ to grave titan is very wrong.

    He’s attacking with Phantom, Mc’ed Knight, Titan and two bears. If you block phantom with siege mastodon, both bears with the first strikers you take 8 down to 8. Now you have a draw step and a jaces ingenuity to find 1 of 2 war priests of thune (You can ingenuity and have enough mana for war priest), and now his grave titan can’t attack.

    I don’t understand this play at all.

  18. Please don’t move over to an ad spammy model, i would much prefer to just pay a subscription fee than watch ads all the time.

  19. I guess I lucked out, having had absolutely no issues. Since I tend to watch the youtube videos in 720, load time has always been hit or miss. I did not see a single ad, the fullscreen was pretty rocking, and the resolution, while a bit subpar, was still better for me than any of PV’s videos have been.

    Have to agree with anon though, on wanting to know how you lost m2g2. Would you be willing to sum it up whatever thoughts/impressions/lessons there were to be had? Did his followup play make you regret not casting the egg over the serra?

    All in all, always a pleasure, though I do look forward to some constructed uploads, as five drafts a week for a dead format feels a bit excessive.

  20. If you need to have ads, I’m ok with one, but the way it’s set up you’re going to have to watch like 6 ads over the course of the whole draft/matches, and that’s just too much.

    GL, and I hope you figure it out.

  21. Woah, you play so different then I would a couple of times. I guess that’s why you win big and I not. I GOTTA think through a lot of your plays. In Match 2 Game 2 you made a big error though. If you attack with the three bears after he played Vampire/Skeleton you trade one bear for Liliana’s Specter. On its own already a good trade, but especially great considering he is on 4, has no flier and you have a Serra Angel that just needs one more land.

  22. Uh…am i missing something? I’ve had no issues with their player ever. It works fantastically and i like it a lot.

  23. Roundtwo gametwo

    Technical difficulty during round two game two??

    I really want to know what happened game two, you had the board and I’m guessing he had a outrage or fireball that turned the game around then using bloodthrone vamp and skeleton combo to come back??

    It would be really funny if the technical difficulty was due to you being pissed off and swearing thus CFB had to cut the rest of the video LOL…

  24. Hey Brad,

    In match 2, game 2, I’m not sure why you didn’t attack with your 3 bears into his Bloodthrone, Reassembling, and Liliana’s Specter. He was tapped out playing the “2 spells he had to play to live”, but there are still only 2 possible outcomes for your attack, assuming he blocks everything (and since he had seen mighty leap, I can only assume he would?), and neither of them were that bad for you.

    He blocks all 3, and whichever he blocks with the vampire, I would assume he would sac the reassembling to kill your critter. Thus, the critter that the skeleton blocks will live. You had veteran, make the guy that the vamp is blocking a 3/3. Now he can either lose the vamp, or sac the specter to keep the vamp alive, ensuring another one of your dudes lives, and he keeps only the vamp. Even with his next turn finding the mountain, (of course, this gets fuzzy for me, as I don’t know how the rest played out), and slams the Juggernaut (will flatten you), he’ll have 1 mana open (a black, so only worry is stabbing pain again?). You have him in a similar situation. He’ll know you don’t have the flight, but would it matter?

    Say he blocks both, he loses the vamp or the juggernaut (possibly both), and you get the serra on board. You also probably have a bear left after the exchange.

    Otherwise, he lets 2 through, blocks 1 with either the juggernaut or vamp, which you kill (veteran), and he goes to 2. After that, he effectively can’t attack. Even with the skeleton (which comes into play tapped), I don’t think he could have done much. You could have played either the roc or the serra after, depending on which seems appropriate at the time (ie – if he had the juggernaut or the vamp).

    Essentially, based on the board state, and with him tapped out, it seemed like you had him on the ropes, and you let him breathe. Were you playing around something that I didn’t get to see instead of him playing the juggernaut? Depending on what he left alive on his side, I can maybe see Act of Treason being a problem, but outside of that or pyroclasm, I don’t really see a major blowout in his favor. Not for 4 B and an (undrawn/played) R.

    Like I said, I don’t know what he had in hand or how the rest of the game went, but that seemed kind of awkward to me.

  25. Read this comment before saying it works fine. This is just an assumption, but they tried something new and people hated it. Because so many people complained, they switched it back to youtube hosting. This is why all of the later people say there is no problem with it and all the earlier people hated it.
    But seriously brad, why didn’t you make him trade his skeleton and his specter for one of your 2 drops? Maybe you have a valid reason, but in R2G2 I just don’t see why it isn’t a good trade. He probably can’t bring back the skeleton and play something else, and even if he could the skeleton is tapped obviously.

  26. Hey, I liked this draft, I notice both you and PV tend to play around cards a lot, which while essential in constructed seems like a poor choice in draft. Because of the lack of library manipulation and redundancy, playing around in draft when they have few cards is weak, and that’s why aggressive strategies tend to pay off, mots of the time their hand is blanks, because in draft, most of the draft is blanks.

    I also thought I would mention, Inspired Charge is better than sleep in the deck you drafted, not only for mana purposes, but having one allows you to attack into them and force misplays/losing scenarios, where as they can’t block poorly or improperly from a sleep. Sleep is better with bigger creatures you want to be unblocked, and a bad choice in a deck with so many 4 drops.

    Also how in the world did you lose game 2? Bloodthrone + Act of Treason?

  27. Had no issues with the player at all.

    Also, it would be nice to have a summary of what went down in match 2 game 2 after the crash.

  28. I’ll tell you what happened M2G2. Brad lost his balls, and in a desperate effort to find them, he accidentally tripped and fell on the concede button. It’s weird how this entire draft had a weird air to it. An air of hopelessness. But maybe that’s because I just got done watching that new Vigo Mortensen flick, The Road. I lol’d when Brad even quoted the movie in M1G1. Not sure if it was intentional, but funny regardless. I’m also not sure if anyone in the world is even gonna know what I am talking about so I’ll just keep with the theme of this draft and concede.

  29. Did anyone else get creeped out when “Due to technical difficulties…” message came up?

    Like, it was completely silent. I expected someone to jump out from behind me or the exorcism girl to pop up or something.

  30. gotta agree with nyhgt here. the board of veteran + 3 bears vs vampire/specter/skelleton is an easy attack for me. there’s nothing bad that can possibly happen to you. if he blocks all 3, the most likely scenario is that after the attack you have bear + veteran and he’s got nothing (skell in his GY). alternatively he could sac specter and the board would be bear/bear/veteran vs vampire.

    the result of the attack either forces him to trade specter + skelleton (and he’s tight on mana so skelleton in his GY is not all that gread) for ONE of your bears or trade specter + vampire and put skelli in his GY to kill two of your three bears. I don’t see how that’s not improving your board position a lot. you really want to get the vampire off the board here and I think the most likely scenario is that he lets the vampire + specter trade for your two bears.

    The only ‘problem’ with that attack is that it means if you draw sleep next turn, it’s no longer lethal as you are down to power 3. But if you happen to draw that sleep at 20-4 life points, things would have to take a really awkward turn for that sleep to not win the game a few turns later.

    I also think cloud elemental over azure drake is nuts and azure drake vs ingenuity is very debatable as at that point your deck has three bears and looks very aggressive.

    Also at the start of the draft when you take the cultivate, are you just willing to abandon your serra and go GR/GB/GU if green is open?
    Otherwise if you don’t mind going GW, I would rate excommuniate over cultivate as that deck is typically very aggressive and naturally has a big issue to deal with problematic creatures.

  31. I think you were unlucky to only get 1 infantry vet and no pacifism, foresee, wild griffn or aether adept which would have suited this deck.

    Brad you are good player, seems like commentary on drafts is distract you though. Stay focused, you can always explain your plays afterwards!

  32. As always thank you again for the educational draft!

    To hear people complain about something they receive for free seems odd.

    Brad too bad it had to be your post that they tried to make the switch at. Its said people learn more from a mistake than anything else. I for one am happy to see the guy that just won 20 grand at the last pro tour give commentary at anything. The fact the he missed prize payout at an 8-4 gives me hope, and it also shows they aren’t cherry picking their drafts.

    Thank you again for the wonderful content.

    As for the business issues I hope you can refine everything, but as an international business man myself, I find my customers like being told about changes before they happen.

  33. I was trying to scream at the screen to help you man, you had to push in M2G2 into the Spectre/Bloodthrone/Reassembling Skeleton. I don’t know if you flashed back to the old rules of combat damage stacking (there’s an excuse if you need one), but it was srsly kind of embarrassing.

  34. He didn’t order blockers wrong when his grave titan was tripleblocked: white knight has pro black so he wasn’t able to kill more than one guy!

  35. @jde he ordered blockers wrong because the cloud crusader should be dead: cloud crusader 1, siege mastodon 2, white knight 3, or even white knight 1, cloud crusader 2 and siege mastodon 3 would have killed 2 guys instead of just the mastodon. (the order the player used must have been crusader last).

    Brad, I agree that you needed to attack with 3 bears into his specter, skeleton and vampire. you will either trade a bear for the specter, or 2 bears for the specter and vampire, both of which are fine, since you can attack again next turn. In fact, if you pump whatever the specter blocks, you can force the first trade if you want, while pumping the bear blocked by the vampire offers your opponent the option of which trade he wants. Simplifying the board when you are ahead on life that much seems like the right play.

  36. M2G2: I totally agree with kai and nyhgt here. I almost freaked out when I saw you not attacking into that board. It would be great, if you could comment on that one, because we might be missing a consideration.

    Deck: Why would you play 18 lands in this deck? I understand you want to hit 5 on turn 5 reliably for Ingenuity/Angel/Mastodon plus WW on T2, but you really only have those 4 5-drops and no higher drops, except for turns, where you play something small plus keep up a trick or whatnot. I guess you can get away with 18 lands for consistency where you have good draw spells to make up for it. While you do have 2 ingenuities, I think the math is not the same as it would be, if those were Foresees. While Foresee lets you get through those lands, Ingenuity will simply draw them and you get stuck. Given your overall medium curve, 17 would definitely been better. Plus play Charge over Sleep and go 10-7.

  37. jde he did wrong the blockes dmg assigning. Grave titan has deathtouch he could kill 2 creatures. But seems he was too excited thinking he had won the game allready. Well respect to brad posting a video with such a mistake in M2G2 I was really trying for 2 min to figure out what I was missing well it turns out I wasnt missing anything plz.

  38. Weighing in on the choice of having to watch advertisements versus having to pay a subscription fee:
    More ads please.

  39. @jde
    yes he did. 2 to knight and then the titan can still take out 4 more creatures. I don’t think you understand deathtouch.

    like a lot of people mentioned. Wouldn’t it be ok to trade 2 2/2’s for his whole board? Considering the skeleton can’t block next turn then. The 2/2’s are only getting worse with time vs vampire and skeleton.
    What might also have been good to pumpt the guy that is blocked by specter,, effectively trading specter vs one of the guys and killing the skeleton aswell.

  40. this was def. one of the more underwhelming drafts i’ve seen in a while. i feel you over value armored ascension; yes one is good, but was the second really better than the pegasus in that pack?

    Also, Jace’s Ingenuity is sweet, but in an aggro deck, i really don’t want to tap out for something that doesn’t affect the board, and you already had one when you picked the 2nd over an Azure Drake.

    Cloud Elemental over Drake huh?….

    Your mulligan decisions are weird I feel. You mulligan bear bear, 2x 5 drops, cloud ele, 2x plains but keep 5 lands knight sleep? In all honesty, what is the difference in these two hands? You still need to draw runner runner for either of them to be sweet.

    M2G2: nice punt

    Match 1 you kind of look like an asshole not responding to that guy who just wanted to be on a CF.com vid….way to crush some dreams, freak.

  41. @jde
    Grave Titan has deathtouch. Regardless of the blocker ordering, the opponent could have assigned 1 lethal point of damage to each of the blockers. White Knight survives but the other two wont.

    Brad, what was in your mind in m2g2 when you did not attack with 3 bears (+ inf vet backup) to a board of Liliana’s Specter, Bloodthrone Vampire and Reassembling Skeleton? Like two poster before me have said, the combat is only going to end up well for you, as the opponent’s lands were all tapped. You also had sided Sleep out, so it wasn’t going to to insta-win the game.

    Had you attacked with your bears, he would’ve blocked each of them and sacced the Skeleton for the Vampire. Then you pump the bear blocked by Vampire to 3/3, in which case the opponent either trades both Specter and Vamp for 2 of your bears, and Skeleton goes to gy, causing him some further mana issues, or he sacs the specter so that you’ll lose 1 bear, he loses Specter and the Skeleton goes to gy. Both of these outcomes are much much better than not forcing trades AND letting the skeleton be on board, sparing 2 mana for your opponent.

  42. Thx for posting this draft.
    Round 1 you where quite lucky your opponent didn’t win game 2. If he would have attacked with his specter while you where tapped out, he does 2 extra damage, and you would be dead by the next attack. Also when you attacked with the armored ascencioned guy….i could not believe it…a mana leak or cancel and you’re gone. But you saw it afterwards.
    Still, kind a strange, as you try to play around so many cards, which is good thinking, and here you miss such an obvious one.

    But, hey, you are the pro player….

    For all the CF crews and players, thanks for all the content! Keep it up

  43. Losing round 2 seems like such justice. I’m not sure what happened after that, but not attacking with the bear crew was a huge mistake; he blocks all 3, you pump the one blocked by specter, and you’ve traded one bear for his Specter+Skeleton. Did you forget that you had Infantry Veteran? I’m not sure if you had a path to victory after that, but the odds definitely were lowered by that mistake. So I’m guessing the technical difficulties part included something along the lines of him outraging your Serra and then taking your Roc Egg with Act of Treason and saccing to his Vampire?

  44. I get you like green a lot, I just don’t get why you’d take cultivate over excommunicate 2nd and say you don’t like GW, you took Serra first then force yourself into a bad color combo or abandon a very strong card?

  45. How he lost M2G2: opponent top decked… Like a pro.


    Anyway, big hugs for Brad. Can’t wait for some constructed stuff.

  46. All videos should be made as replays. Just play the games and click through (silence the click), and these videos will be soooooo much shorter!

  47. @ jeff stewart. the real beauty of these videos are when they are real time. Because this is how you see what the pro player thinks and acts like. when it is pre-recorderd it is never the same. anyway, it is good that ffreak is going to constructed, he is much better there. i can understand not attacking with thre bears but cant understand how he attacks before casting serra angel in previous round. this is magic 101.

  48. It sounds like you are delivering a world of pain to your mouse each time you pick a card. Holy crap dude! How often to you have to replace that thing?

    Love, love, love watchin you work bro. Thank you for giving your time to us.

  49. wheresmyhundychapin?

    Hey, Brad’s allowed to punt every now and then. And the 3 bear non attack was most def a punt.

  50. I can’t believe the amount of hate in the comments. Christ.

    I think people do get off on pointing out the mistakes of better players. Seems like they sometimes forget pro players are only human.

  51. If anything, and not attacking with the three bears against the specter, bloodthrone and skeleton, which seemed like the right play, why not attack with at least ONE bear to make him pay two to reassemble the skeleton back into play tapped later?

    It’s like two lines of thought were missed. Unless you forgot you had infantry veteran, which made you not want to attack altogether.

  52. People seem to be very apposed to playing green in the M11 format. I agree with Brad on this one that green is probably one of the best if not the best color to be in for this format. Although on its own it’s not exactly a powerhouse it has the strong backbone to run over oponnents with strength and ease especially with blue as the other color. I’ve drafted green many MANY drafts and have never been disappointed with the outcome of the deck. Before people start to bash it draft it MULTIPLE times and try different strategies until you really understand how the deck should be built. Then you will truely understand what he means by how powerful and good green is in M11. Brad great video although disappointing we didn’t get to see the end of M2G2 but other than that really good. Keep up the good work.

  53. Do you really expect us to believe that it was “technical difficulties” that resulted in the M2G2 video being cut off? When one of the previous videos was able to be shown as a replay? No matter what happened it would’ve been really interesting to see how that game could’ve been turned around.

  54. i think in round 1 when he spectres you pitching white knight was a big mistake. you are manascrewed and won’t have time for jace’s ingenuity if you ever get to 5. whereas armorered ascension on a white knight can definitely win a game out of nowhere, especially since his blue/black deck may have very few outs to it.

  55. I feel like there are several ways you could’ve played m1g1 that didn’t require a concession.
    Your white knight had pro black, so you could’ve blocked the titan all day without binning a ton of your guys. Doing that would’ve allowed you to take only 6/turn, which gives you an extra turn to draw into warpriest, and then thinned out his bears while blocking until you could afford to triple block the titan with your first strikers (of which you would have 6 power upon recovering your knight). Just strongly disagreed with that attitude of “whelp he cast grave titan, time to scoop.”

  56. People can comment on the plays all you want, but man, those picks are just weird… like first your defending runeclaw bears over mana leak, now your saying cloud elemental over azure?

    …. Why dear god why?

    Like honestly, we can debate about picks all you want, but when it comes down to it both drafts have had subpar decks, I dunno if your nervous or if something else is bugging you that we don’t see, but these plays cannot be made by a person running for player of the year. They just don’t add up.

    I make mistakes, but none like that in consecutive matches, I also want to know how you lost the rest of that one game. I’m just not impressed man, your constructed is miles better, but even then you’ve made sketchy moves.

  57. I still like the reasoning behind the Runeclaw Bear pick last week. Nuts to the haters. Results > Arm Chair Magic…

  58. Honestly, did anyone watch PVs video, not every draft is a nuts draft. Sometimes everyone ends up with a pile. People cross strategies and decks don’t end up perfect.

    In terms of Cloud Elemental over Azure Drake, if you are planning on being as aggressive as possible, and you already have 5 4 drops you are considering playing its honestly not bad to pick up a strong 3 like Cloud Elemental.

    I think the Second Jace’s Ingenuity was a bad pick, and I think Sleep over Charge was also bad, only because charge is more like a white overrun, where Sleep is either only good as a fog or when Ascension is pretty much already locking up games.

    I do think green forcing green is reasonable, and I like that you mentioned it was a pro tour strategy, because its true that most pros dislike green, allowing you to get powerful cards easily. Yes it didn’t work out, and that is something that will happen more online, but I also think is happening more now anyway, since people are seeing how good G/X/x with alot of solid splash removal/card draw can be.

    I think discrediting anyone based on play errors or odd drafting strategies is lame, even pros. I mean pros from other areas, like sports and poker aren’t perfect. Jordan, Kobe, Brady, Manning. People win titles, MVPs, games, everything, but that doesn’t make them perfect. Give a guy a break, enjoy the free content.

  59. @Daniel

    If the was a major error made in the actual file, Brad probably sent this in 3 or 4 days ago, so there was no way to recover the game at that point in time.

  60. I don’t think you need to explain why you keep very good opening hands, sometimes that’s just obvious.

  61. cloud elemental over azure drake is actually completely easy and not even remotely close…pretty impressed by the comments here lol

  62. I really like the sound quality of your videos, Brad!

    If you guys at Channel Fireball keep making them, I’ll keep watching them!

  63. Could you please explain the Cloud Elemental pick over Azure Drake. Also, what if it was P1P1? Would you still pick CE?

  64. If you guys NEED to add ads on your videos (preferred the old ways with LESS videos and NO ads), then at least give an option to your viewers to PAY in order to avoid ADS
    I used to have the following reasoning. I buy all my MTG boxes and singles at CFB because they have the best free content. That might change if ads are added.. It would then just become an other Game spot/Pandora business model Website. But at least these two sites have an add-free subscription option.

  65. Hey I just wanted to post that watching your drafts are my second favorite behind LSV’s and pulling out your first round match was actually really skillful and helped give me some better understanding into your thought process…especially explaining why your guy was blocking a ground pounder instead of the specter (I initially thought you were playing around a gravedigger or something). I’ll be excited to watch some constructed matches but I hope the whole controversy surrounding the mana leak pick during your first draft isn’t what deterred you from making more of these videos. If it was…I just wanted to show some support for your drafting skills either way.

  66. To people saying otherwise: I think Sleep over Inspired Charge was correct. I mean, think about it. Inspired Charge gets you through for 2 more damage per unblocked creature. Sleep makes all your creatures unblockable…twice. Unless you’re attacking with a horde of 1-power guys, Sleep is going to push more damage through most of the time. Sleep also stops them from killing you on the backswing if they have removal or Safe Passage or similar.

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  68. @ bob

    No ads please. If you really can’t make enough money selling cards, then just do a premium membership like Starcity

  69. Yeah match 2 was a punt but if all you guys who think even the best don’t make mistakes want to hate so much, why don’t you go start top8ing PT’s and GP’s and then come back here and criticize like that.

  70. I only draw first in M11 with BR, BR is aggro on the play and control on the draw, it’s a very dynamic deck. In this case I had a couple of pyroclasm where being on the draw makes the card four times stronger.

  71. I was the first round opponent (likableduff)…, very fun games indeed- looking forward to revenge Mr. Freak!! (;p)

  72. 18 lands seems wrong. You have a lot of 2-drops so there’s really nothing to worry about in terms of lasting until you hit 5. Why increase the chances of flooding to play 8 islands for a handful of blue cards, all but the most expensive of which require only a single blue source?

  73. In Match 1, Game 3 you show us the replay very quickly, only slowing down to comment on important moments in the game.

    It. Was. Awesome.

    In 2 minutes and 30 seconds you cover what would normally take 6-20 minutes for one of these videos to cover, depending on the play speed and lag status of the opponent.

    I recognize the value of experiencing the game with the player in real time, but I don’t think much is lost by that playing going through the highlights presumably soon after the game. But on the flip side, for those who watch these draft videos, it saves a TON of time. It also might have the added benefit, for the player, that they can just worry about playing magic during the game play, instead of making mistakes because of the distraction of recording.

  74. I second this:

    I think discrediting anyone based on play errors or odd drafting strategies is lame. I mean pros from other areas, like sports and poker aren’t perfect. Jordan, Kobe, Brady, Manning. People win titles, MVPs, games, everything, but that doesn’t make them perfect. Give a guy a break, enjoy the free content.

  75. //get more tshirts and less ads, sell more merch and make playmats!

    Tim Froehlig says: October 5, 2010 @ 10:28 pm

    Hey guys,

    We’ve been working for some time now on hosting our own videos. Unfortunately, as some of you may (or not) be aware, web hosting, scaling, and bandwidth are all very difficult things for an upstart company such as us (ChannelFireball) to deal with. The reason for this is to generate some revenue to offset the cost of bringing you this content (as well as the articles) at no cos

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