29 thoughts on “Channel FFfreak: Constructed Daily #2 (Zen Block) – Match 4, Game 2”

  1. Thanks Brad for the videos! Very informative and looks very fun. Good job on that deck. I wouldn’t take out the Valakuts. They just offer something for the opponent to worry about other than your large creatures that doesn’t cost much, just four CiTP lands.

    I would consider dropping the maps for something more useful.

  2. What I always like to watch is classic^^
    I guess the barrier of entry is a bit too high and it is not really a competitive format offline, but I have been watching some replays of daily events and I liked what I saw.

    Maybe play that mono black deck from the last legacy 5 k in some classic queues the cards are almost all online, are they not? It is also not extremly expensive, is it?

    Anyways thanks for the videos and keep up the good work.

  3. It was awesome seeing block. I am very intrigued. Keep up the Constructed Daily vids, its definitely one of the my favorite features on this site.

    I think adding White would be the best option (obv) if you really want to drop the Valakuts. Only issue is that all the good white cards are double white. Maybe adding blue for Mysteries of the Deep, Vapor Snare, Jace would be good.

    IDK, you definitely have given me something to ponder.

  4. I’m loving these draft and daily event videos you guys are doing. I’d love to see some pauper videos. However, I’m not sure if anyone else is interested in the format and there’s only one premier event a week.

    Either way, I love what you’re doing and never tire of block, draft, or standard videos, thanks for putting in the time and effort to make the videos.

  5. Keep playing this format or t2. They are the most fun to watch.

    Maybe even some drafts. Hell post anything I enjoy watching them all!!

    Keep up the good work mate ^_^

  6. Congrats! Your videos are fun to watch; informative indeed!

    I remember you said you didn’t really enjoy the limited format as much, but it would be cool if you gave constructed another spin. The matches with your Boss Naya deck were equally enjoyable to view.

    On the same note, what do you think of the new Mythics deck that won first place during the Baltimore Open?

  7. I know you are probably bored with it, but what I can play around here is T2, and I would love to learn more there, so I vote for standard! 🙂

  8. Why not watch the replays to know what they are playing and also to find out if and what counterspells they play?

  9. What I want to know is what the symbol is on your Comet Storms, Mountains, and Forests. I don’t play MODO, so I don’t know if its some special type of promo card, or something else. It just piqued my curiosity.

  10. @Eli: The symbol is the MODO logo, and it’s for the PR1 and PR2 sets, which all promo’s of various kinds that are released on modo belong to.

  11. Nice series. Definatly interested in more block constructed as it seems a cheaper format to get into. What are your thoughts on the format as it is now? Is there a best deck or does anything have a chance?

  12. with that second expedition map, wouldn’t the Scalding Tarn of been infinitely better than a second valakut?

  13. I really think that you guys should post these kinds of constructed videos and draft videos a lot more often. Great job this site keeps getting better.

  14. agree with @MBSegal49 to a degree but I also see how Brad was thinking as he was under no pressure he made sure he was going to blow his opponent out with the double harrow if he ever tapped out.
    it finally did happen.

    only question i have is why did you harrow away the forest for another forest and mountain instead of just mountain mountain… you already had forest untapped for the 2nd harrow.

    also, in the game before, why did you not just EOT comet storm him for 9 with the 1st storm, why did you try to kill his creatures when at 11 life?

  15. I believe he sacced the forest for forest/mountain so he could have exactly four mountains in play.

    This means when he casts his next harrow he gets to put both mountains in play at the same time which means both trigger valakut and he doesn’t have to sacrifice all his green mana to do the same thing. It’s a fine move to me.

    As to not overpaying for simple fireball to the face for the win, I have no idea. Maybe he is just over used to getting 3 for 1’s on his comet storm and forgot it’s a fireball too?

  16. @Jathro: He waited on the comet storm for the same reason he waited on the Harrows in game 2; he had no idea what his opponent had in terms of counter-magic. When in doubt, wait until the tap out.

    As to formats I’d like to see: more standard, and maybe an extended or two before the format season ends?

  17. nice vids, always a pleasure to watch.
    i would prefer to watch some standard with any deck but jund and naya.
    keep up the good work!

  18. I would like to echo that I always like watching these too. Legacy would be my first preference…but I also need help with drafting so I wouldn’t mind seeing that again.

  19. Thanks Brad these vids are always great! I wanna get into MODO and would love your list to get started could you post it somewhere please?

  20. drafting is fun. id watch more of that. Standard is what im all about though. This would probably be a bigger undertaking, but if you were to play a different “known” t2 standard deck every week, that would be worth watching (vamps one week, uw control next week, boss naya the next week). you could show off the different strong decks, and explain the killer moves or why you lost for every one. then at the end (or beginning) go over strengths/weaknesses. might be kinda expensive/take more effert, but thats my 2 cents

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  22. Nice videos.

    Did anyone else find it strange how often Brad would search for forests (not just this game, but throughout the event)? With Valakut, I would have been pulling mountains out at every opportunity to try to get up to 5. It seemed Brad often would grab a third green source over a fourth mountain.

  23. @ will: Harrow and Khalni Heart Expedition work like Scapeshift. If you have four mountains out(maybe three, not quite sure) all that matters is that you have five or more when the dust settles. Valakut see’s bith the mountains and triggers for both of them.

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