CFB’s Exclusive New Capenna Preview Card – Incandescent Aria

It’s Cabaretti Day, which means we’re celebrating the white, red and green color combination. Its identity in the upcoming Streets of New Capenna expansion is very-much centered around going wide with tokens. Our exclusive preview card here on ChannelFireball.com has to do with just that!

It’s my privilege to share with you: Incandescent Aria. Thanks to WotC for the opportunity!



Finally, the token deck gets to be on the good end of the board sweeper. Incandescent Aria can be used to great effect against normal creature decks while leaving your own battlefield intact. 

While token decks are punishing, and can be highly effective at dishing out damage, they’re usually not the fastest decks in a format. They tend to hit their stride in the midgame, once they have enough time to go wide with creatures, pump them up, and turn them sideways. 

What this means is that they still need a plan for beating fast red and white creature decks. While they’re curving out with creatures, you’re laying Jetmir’s Gardens onto the battlefield tapped. Incandescent Aria is your reset button that lets you keep pace with these decks. It’ll buy you more than enough time to overpower them in the midgame. 

Even against larger creatures, Aria can contribute to a big turn. For example, you can attack your tokens into a big blocker, and use it to finish off the opposing creature after combat. Alternatively, you can cast it before you attack, wipe away the chaff, and leave that bigger creature in a position where it can’t get into combat at all. 

Jetmir, Nexus of Revels

Conveniently, the one non-token creature you’re sure to want in a Cabaretti Tokens deck is Jetmir, whose four toughness allows him to survive Aria. 

I see Incandescent Aria as a great sideboard card for almost any deck with proper mana to cast it. I also think it’s perfect for Best-of-One play, where aggro decks tend to overperform. I can easily envision turboing up the ladder with an Cabaretti Tokens deck that has a great matchup against aggro thanks, in large part, due to Incandescent Aria. 

I’ll take one more moment to appreciate the beautiful art from master Randy Gallegos. Gallegos has worked on MTG since Ice Age and created iconic cards such as Shock (the original), Soul Warden and Accumulated Knowledge. And an excellent alternative version from newcomer Yoshi Yoshitani!


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