CFB’s Exclusive Neon Dynasty Preview Card – Lizard Blades

Preview season is well under way, and there have been some flashy neon signs that indicate Kamigawa is going to be electric. The card I’m about to show you may not be a Dragon, but it’s got some sick Transformer vibes instead. Take a look at Lizard Blades!



This has a creature type I certainly never expected to see – Equipment Lizard. You may be wondering what’s going on, so let me reconfigure your understanding. Lizard Blades is a creature when you cast it, and happens to be a 1/1 double strike. You also have the option to “reconfigure” it, which is a pretty ominous keyword. That lets you attach it to a creature as an Equipment, which now grants the creature double strike (though no stat bonus – the 1/1 size isn’t added on to the creature it equips).

You can reconfigure as many times as you want, essentially making this an Equipment/creature split card that you can keep changing your mind on. 

This isn’t a bad deal for two mana – a 1/1 double strike is comborrific enough with pump spells that some decks would consider it, and being able to equip to something large is enticing as well. Any deck that can use half of this can use the other half, as both are complementary.

An aggro deck with pump spells and high-power creatures is the natural start, though it being an artifact makes it interesting to slot into Modern or Pioneer Affinity decks. For some decks, red mana isn’t a huge ask, and making a Nettlecyst or Construct twice as big is sweet.

Plus, Lizard Blades – how cool is that?

As always, thanks to Wizards of the Coast for the free (and exclusive) preview.


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