CFB’s Exclusive Baldur’s Gate Preview Card – Undermountain Adventurer

If you’re looking to play games of Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate, you best be ready to take the initiative. This mechanic mashes monarch’s peanut butter with venture into the Dungeon’s chocolate and gives the format something entirely unique. Initiative allows you to enter the Undercity, a powerful dungeon that seems well suited for games of Limited. Like the monarch, initiative can change hands due to combat damage and triggers once each turn – if you take the initiative, you venture into the Undercity and then move ahead a room each upkeep you hold it. This is important for keeping the game flowing but in reality, you want the Initiative because it gives you a massive benefit. 

Today’s free preview card from Wizards of the Coast is sure to be a big player if you can draft it. It not only takes the initiative, but it provides you with a solid body to make sure it never leaves your hands. 



Undermountain Adventurer is quite a card. In games of Battle for Baldur’s Gate Limited, it is going to get you either into the Undercity or advance you through it. However, it does something else – it protects your claim to the initiative. A 3/4 with vigilance means it will be hard to crack back on the ground and if there aren’t any threats, well, it can just add two green mana to help you deploy the cards you’ve drawn. This card looks to be a beating and that’s before you even complete a Dungeon. 

Speaking of which, if you do complete the Undercity, the bonus goes bananas. Now you can generate six extra mana a turn (nice job templating team for giving us the word six instead of six green mana symbols in a row) which feels very “win more.” But hey, if you keep going through the Undercity, you’re going to be getting an extra card every so often. This card looks like a solid first pick and one you absolutely want to build towards and around. 

Varis, Silverymoon RangerWandering TroubadourEllywick Tumblestrum

But what about Constructed Commander? There this seems well suited for a Varis, Silverymoon Ranger deck that wants to venture. Throw in a Wandering Troubadour and Ellywick Tumblestrum and you end up with a neat twist on Big Green decks. All this deck wants you to do is deploy creatures and lands – something green excels at. The reward is a steady stream of wolf tokens that can end the game in short order with a friend like, say, Craterhoof Behemoth

What? It’s a great finisher! 

So thanks again Wizards for the free preview! Do you plan on playing Undermountain Adventurer in Commander? Do you think it’s going to be a house in Limited?


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