CFB Pro Showdown Announcement

All good things must come to an end, and as we move back toward in-store play, we say a fond farewell to the CFB Pro Showdown. 

The Showdown gave us some awesome games both for players and viewers, and whichever group you fall into, you have our thanks for making the Showdowns so much fun. 

We’ve seen CFB Pro subscribers fight through the gauntlet of single elimination tournaments and still manage to take down the end bosses, some of the best players in the game (some of the time anyway!) 

After players across the world have battled in Magic and Pokémon for the chance to take on the likes of Reid Duke, Caleb Gedemer, AzulGG and Luis Scott-Vargas, plus win a healthy amount of store credit, we can look back with pride at the CFB Pro community coming together in the spirit of competition at a difficult time for everyone.

Now, as the world reopens, we look forward to playing in person again, so we felt it was time for the Pro Showdown to end on a high, with our first double winner in BaronofBacon managing to not only win the event twice, but beat the end boss twice too. 

We are very excited for the return of in-store play and seeing our friends (and rivals) across the table. Hopefully the CFB Pro Showdown gave you some fun and scratched that competitive itch while live events weren’t possible. 

Here’s to a healthy world for gaming, 


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