CFB Pro is Changing – What That Means For You

ChannelFireball is becoming the ChannelFireball Marketplace, which means exciting changes for CFB Pro!

So what is changing?

Starting April 13th, new CFB Pro+ members will get access to

  • All our articles 
  • Pro Showdown entry


  • $10 in store credit every month
  • $5  store credit if you spend $100 or more a month
  • $5 bonus store credit if you sell $100 during the month

As we evolve into the ChannelFireball Marketplace, your store credit will be valid at EVERY retailer on the marketplace. Not only will you have access to an even larger inventory of Magic, Flesh and Blood and Pokemon, but you’ll be supporting your local businesses while finding the best deals on the internet.

So, to clarify for current members and those of you considering a subscription:

  • Members currently under a yearly subscription will continue to get the same benefits they’ve been enjoying until December 31st 2021.
  • Monthly members will move to the new benefits structure at their first renewal after April 13th.
  • For those who sign up for yearly CFB Pro+ membership before April 13th, your benefits will change over on Dec 31st 2021 with everyone else, but you’ll still get your full $120 of store credit with your $99 subscription fee. When you renew in 2022, you won’t be able to get the $20 bonus credit, you will renew at $99 for $100 credit.

If you’re not currently a CFB Pro member and want to take advantage of the existing benefits, just register for CFB Pro+ Yearly BEFORE April 13th for $99 and you’ll get $10 back in store credit every month, a total of $120 in store credit. If you’re a monthly member, upgrading to a yearly subscription will secure those benefits for the next year. 

On December 31st 2021, all members will move to the new benefit structure, so this is your last chance to secure more store credit for your subscription!

As always, we look forward to bringing you TCG content that helps you up your game as we up ours in 2021 and beyond.


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