CFB Group Announces ChannelFireball Marketplace Launch


The CFB Marketplace is a platform exclusively for registered businesses to offer their products to consumers across the United States, and we’re already planning to expand into other territories. 

Selling on the current collectible platforms puts local game stores, online retailers and individuals in the same pool –  consumers can’t be sure what quality of service they will get. Meanwhile, professional retailers, who offer consistent grading, fast shipping, quality packaging, excellent customer service and other great benefits, find it hard to stand out from the crowd.

CFB Group wants to change all of that with a platform that caters towards retailers and improves the buying experience for everyone.

“Stores are the lifeblood of our industry – they’re places where hobbies, memories and lifelong friendships are made. We’re very excited to launch a platform that connects stores with customers throughout the country and shifts our focus to promoting what lies at the heart of the games we love – community.” – Josh Grant, CEO CFB Group

For retailers, this means no competing with individuals, flat fees and total transparency about percentages paid per order. ChannelFireball.com has a loyal fan base of millions of engaged customers who will go from buying cards from ChannelFireball to buying from the retailers on the ChannelFireball Marketplace.

“I’ve been a retailer of collectibles my whole life and have experienced every pitfall and set back the industry has to offer. Those experiences inspired me to build a marketplace with retailers as the primary focus. The ChannelFireball Marketplace is a huge opportunity for local stores around the world to expand their business in a sustainable way.  In many ways,  is the platform that I wish existed when we launched as a small family business over 25 years ago.” – Jon Saso, President CFB Group

Retailers interested in the ChannelFireball Marketplace are invited to find out more here. This is an exciting opportunity for trading card retailers, collectors and players alike and the CFB Group is thrilled for the launch of this revolutionary platform on September 30.


What Does This Mean For You?

As a customer, not a lot will change! ChannelFireball will still be the best place to shop for all of your card game needs, you’ll just also be supporting the stores that keep the community together while doing it. Your favorite content isn’t going anywhere and it’ll still live on strategy.channelfireball.com, and your ChannelFireball store credit will be accepted by any store on the marketplace.

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