Card Types of Akora

Akora brings an evocative experience to the gaming table, and a huge part of that experience comes from its diverse pool of cards. From the namesake Akora themselves to the alchemical effects that empower them, each game piece feels unique. Here, we’ll go over each of the card types that you can expect to play throughout a game of Akora.


First and foremost, we have the Akora themselves- the powerful entities that do battle for the Alchemist’s of Akora. Every Akora features beautiful art, strong abilities, and a number of other distinguishing qualities. These include the cards type and element, which dictate how the rest of your Alchemy deck is constructed. 


Relic Shards

Relic shards are the primary resource of Akora. They determine when you can evolve, or “Relic Up” your Akora, and the strongest abilities of your Akora require that you sacrifice a Relic Shard in order to use them. The element of your shards match up with your chosen Akora, adding a feeling of cohesion to play.

Alchemy Cards

In addition to relic shards, your 41-card Alchemy deck are composed of a selection of Alchemy cards. These are typically support cards designed to empower your Akora or harm your opponent’s in some capacity. There are many different kinds of Alchemy cards, including the following:


These cards are recognizable due to the lightning symbol featured on them. These cards are largely counters and traps that resolve immediately, often designed to counter opposing effects or remove a threat. Some Flash cards require certain conditions to be met before they can be used, so read them carefully and look for your moment!


Eternity cards, denoted by their hourglass symbol, are persistent effects that remain as long as they are on the field. They often feature positive buffs and generally have a large effect on the battlefield. 


Denoted by their helm symbol, Armament alchemy cards are essentially equipment that you can place on your Akora. As you might expect, Armament cards power up your Akora with assorted benefits, though you can only have one of any given armament on your Akora at once.

Token Alchemy Cards

Token alchemy cards are special alchemy cards that manifest themselves on the battlefield. They can be affected by anti-alchemy effects, and can be directly attacked. Interestingly, battles involving tokens result in no Attack Damage being dealt.


Finally, Battlezone cards represent the specific domains of certain Akora attributes or potentially the domain of a powerful Akora. They typically provide strong buffs with multiple effects designed to benefit your chosen Akora in battle. Battlezone cards can be identified by the attribute symbol in the Alchemy circle and the variance in their card color.

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