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Legacy Elves by fluffy21



I’ve played a lot of Elves in my day, and every couple months, I like checking in on how Legacy Elves is faring. It’s always a competitive deck, and Allosaurus Shepherd continues to impress. Let’s take a look at what the Elves are up to, just in time for the holiday season.


Header - The Game Plan

Flood the board with Elves, then Natural Order or Green Sun’s Zenith for a Craterhoof Behemoth to finish things off.

The deck has components of aggro, midrange and combo, all rolled into one, though combo is definitely the biggest piece. The turn everyone fears is the Glimpse of Nature into Heritage Druid into Nettle Sentinel, where you draw 20 (or more) cards, but grindy games with Elvish Visionary and Wirewood Symbiote get the job done too. Plus, at any point Natural Order can just get Behemoth and end the game, making this deck one which can present a wide variety of threats.


Header - Key Cards

Glimpse of Nature

As mentioned, this is what leads to your most explosive turns. It’s also great as a draw two or three, making it a powerful combo piece or a good draw engine.

Green Sun's Zenith

GSZ finds anything you need, from Dryad Arbor all the way up to Craterhoof, and is a key part in making the deck more consistent. The deck has a ton of mini-synergies, and getting Wirewood Symbiote to go with your Elvish Visionary or Nettle Sentinel to go with Heritage Druid is awesome.


Natural Order

This is less of a value card than GSZ, but it does a great Tinker impression. It’s mostly to get Craterhoof in game one or Progenitus in game two, and it’s your best way to steal games where you are losing.


Allosaurus Shepherd

Straight from Jumpstart, this is one of the most powerful new additions to the deck. It does a few things for you, the most important of which is completely hose counterspells and Chalice of the Void, all at no cost. The first time my opponent cast one of these into Chalice, my mind was blown – it just embarrasses any deck trying to counter your spells. 

That’s not it though, since the Shepherd also gives you a powerful game-ender, as it can turn your squad into Dinosaurs at a moment’s notice. This deck is not short on ways to win the game, and Allosaurus Shepherd is a huge part of that.

Gaea's Cradle

Coming from the land slot, Gaea’s Cradle might be the single most busted card in the deck. It’s a land that taps for multiple mana, and sometimes all the way up to six or more. Of course, it can tap for zero when things are going poorly, but Cradle allows for some obscene draws.

Wirewood Symbiote

This is a weird one. It’s mainly to add mana by untapping Elves and re-trigger Glimpse or Elvish Visionary, but it also protects your team from removal. It’s an annoying card for anyone trying to use removal against you, and helps combo faster even when they don’t.

The rest of the deck is made up of various Elves, which serve to add mana and fill your board. Heritage Druid is the main mana engine, though Birchlore Rangers helps there as well. The deck has a ton of redundancy, as it’s full of Elves, ways to search out Elves, and ways to protect Elves.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • A huge part of this deck is using untap effects to generate mana. Between Wirewood Symbiote and Quirion Ranger, you get to use your mana sources multiple times per turn. Note that Ranger can also bounce a Forest so you can hit your land drop if you haven’t already.
  • Craterhoof math is important, since you can usually kill them with fewer creatures than you expect. Even with just two other 1/1s, a Hoof represents 16 damage!
  • As I mentioned above, don’t be afraid to fire off Glimpse as a draw two. This deck has a ton of paths to victory, and going big with Glimpse is far from necessary.
  • You can play a second Gaea’s Cradle once you’ve used the first, leading to turns with huge mana boosts.


Header - Christmas Elves

This deck is still great in Legacy, and it’s a blast to play. Good luck to all fellow Elves aficionados, and I hope you always have Cradle when you need it.


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