Can You Assemble Voltron in Standard/Alchemy with Mechtitan Core?

Mechtitan Core is a really cool new card from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty that reminds me of Dark Depths and Westvale Abbey. It is not going to feel as “free” as putting one of those lands into your deck, but if it gets enough support, it might be Constructed playable.



Mechtitan Core

The viability of Mechtitan Core in Standard and Alchemy will depend on how many token makers there are in the rest of the set. It could be a win more card, but it easily be a centerpiece of an artifact deck. The token not being indestructible is a bit worrisome, but these aren’t formats with cards like Path to Exile or Teferi, Time Raveler that would be able to easily deal with it. A 10/10 lifelink creature in Standard is something most creature decks won’t be able to deal with, let alone recover from a 20 point life swing while still being able to block thanks to vigilance.

Should your Mechtitan token get dealt with, you will get everything except for the Core back, which definitely makes the investment not as game-breaking as if you could get easily five-for-one’d by a removal spell. 

In older formats, you can use cards like Sai, Master Thopterist, Genesis Chamber or Shrine of Loyal Legions to quickly generate a full board of tokens and turn them into a 10/10 flying, vigilance, trample, lifelink, haste creature once you get to five mana, which you can speed up with cards like Springleaf Drum.

The upcoming days should tell us whether this card will find a home in a Standard deck or fall under the “fun” category. I’ll be keeping an eye on the spoiler and if there is even a small chance to make a competitive deck out of it, I’ll give it a try with my wild first cards so you don’t have to!


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  1. My first thought for the card wasn’t to try to use tokens, but rather good ETB cards, like Golden Egg (if there is an equivalent in Standard/Alchemy). Then you can get them both coming and going.

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