Can Thran Portal Fix MTG Standard Mana Bases?

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Thran Portal, my exclusive preview card for Dominaria United!

Thran Portal is a mix between fastlands (Concealed Courtyard), Pathways (Brightclimb Pathway) and Mana Confluence and it’s a great way to fix your tri-color mana base to let you curve out in the early turns.



Caves of KoilosBattlefield Forge

While we’re already dealing ourselves damage with painlands (Caves of Koilos), it’s worth noting that Standard mana bases will lose Pathways, one of the best ways of fixing in Standard that we’ve had in years.

Thran Portal will certainly see play in aggressive strategies in Standard, especially after Dominaria United, since we’re still missing out on a few painlands that will come out with the next Standard legal set. Most notably, Standard lacks Battlefield Forge, which leaves the sweet Boros Aggro decks without important fixing. Thran Portal will be needed to be able to present different, multiple color threats across the curve on turns one, two and three.

It being a Gate won’t matter as much for Standard, but as a Pauper player, I know that Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate brought a lot of interesting Gate options that can be exploited by a dedicated Commander players.


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