BW Humans Get Top 4 at the Legacy Challenge!


Legacy BW Humans by Reeplcheep



Just last week, I posted on  a Legacy veedeo featuring BW Humans on ChannelFireball’s YouTube Channel and it’s nice to see that the deck, piloted by Reeplcheep, got Top 4 in Sunday’s Legacy Challenge on MTGO.

Night ClubberThalia's LieutenantTomik, Distinguished Advokist

They made some adjustments to my list, adding Night Clubber and replacing Orzhov Pontiff to shrink the opponent’s team and its blitz ability giving it haste and a card at the end of turn. Blitz is a really nice ability, especially in a deck like this that doesn’t get to draw a lot of cards. 

Another addition was Tomik, Distinguished Advokist over Dark Confidant. I was not impressed by the Confidant and I had my lands consistently Wastelanded, especially Cavern of Souls which is your biggest weapon against the Force of Will decks. Tomik protects your lands from Wasteland and Rishadan Port and still lets you use your Wasteland on their lands. It’s a real nice addition to the deck.

Whether or not this deck is better than Death & Taxes is unknown, but it’s definitely an alternative take on the archetype that cares more about aggression with Champion of the Parish and Thalia’s Lieutenant that can close up the game very quickly. 


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