Budget Mono-Black Brew Off

Welcome to another Brew Off, where we welcome community deck submissions and pick one winner to receive $25 ChannelFireball.com store credit.

The goal of this series is to raise the level of deckbuilding in the community—to help each of you gain the knowledge you need to succeed in deckbuilding and to take that knowledge and apply it elsewhere.

So far we’ve started by building around individual cards. Barren Glory, Near-Death Experience, and Waste Not have been big hits resulting in real gems of knowledge.

Individual cards can be a great place to start. If you see a card we like and you want to play with it and experience the flavor of that card to the fullest, you want to explore as many possible variations for it.

But individual cards are not the only place to start—there are many other deckbuilding motivators.

Sometimes you want to build a deck that plays a specific style or suits a specific color, and sometimes you need to do that on a budget.

This deckbuilding challenge, we head in that direction.

Building on a Budget

Budget deckbuilding is one of the most useful exercises. You learn how to build the archetype you want to build, within certain constraints. You learn to get the absolute maximum bang out of your buck.

Learning budget deckbuilding is great for Magic—it makes this game that we love not only cheaper, but makes this game accessible for some of us when it otherwise wouldn’t be.

It’s also useful for everyday life—learning how to set and stick to budgets is a necessary life skill. Better to simulate this skill through gaming to prepare for and improve your abilities at financial independence than through real-life trial and error.

So for this Brew Off we are going to focus on getting a specific play experience out of a specific budget.

Budget Mono-Black Control

Mono-Black Control is an all-time favorite archetype. This strategy has a devoted cult following who love the flavor of greatness at any cost, power through sacrifice, and life payment for greater reward.

In general, control works best with powerful chase rares, but in this exercise we have only $30 and a vision to make something happen.

Brew Off Submission Guidelines

Format: Modern
Color: Mono-Black
Archetype: Control
Budget: $30 Main Deck + Cards You Own
Presentation: Cost Sorted
Description: Less than 250 words

Building on a budget works well when you use cards you already own and supplement your collection only with cards that you need. For this exercise you are going to take the cards you already have and supplement them with up to $30 of new cards.

Since most everyone’s collection is different, your deck will look different, and this is the point. Build with a budget adding on to what you already have.

As always, please present your deck cost sorted from low to high as this makes my job of going through 100+ deck lists much smoother. A well presented deck will increase your chance of being picked.

A well cost sorted deck:

FAEther Vial

The above deck is much easier to skim than the following one:

FAEther Vial

The above deck is hard to read and unlikely to receive as much time or attention.

Note that there is some strategy in how you present your cost sort. For instance, if you choose to build around Gurmag Angler, would you slot it at 1, at 7, or somewhere in between? Discretion is yours in whatever you think is easiest to interpret.

What does this card cost?

Budget Mono-Black Control Brew Off

Take your time in submissions. I will go through them Thursday morning and pick my favorite from variables including competitiveness, flavor, uniqueness, presentation, and adherence to submission guidelines.

The winner will receive $25 gift certificate with which you could buy your deck with! For the rest of us, I hope we leave this exercise with improved budgeting skills.

See you in the comments!


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