Bringing Zoo Back with Territorial Kavu – Preview Highlight

Modern Horizons 2 preview season is in full swing, with tons of cool and powerful card being previewed every day. This morning, when looking through some of the cards for the first time, one card that caught my eye was Territorial Kavu.


Tribal FlamesSteppe Lynx

I remember back when I first was playing Modern in roughly 2013, there were a lot of Zoo decks that used cards like Tribal Flames in combination with cards like Steppe Lynx and other aggressive creatures. With access to fetch lands and shocklands, it was easy to get specific combinations of fetchlands that would allow you to easily cast spells on curve while also casting Tribal Flames for two mana to deal five damage.



While this might look, on the surface like a two mana 2/2, in practice, it’ll be easy to make this a 4/4 on turn two and a 5/5 on turn three when it’s time to attack. In addition to being a 5/5 attacker on the third turn, every time Territorial Kavu attacks, you get to rummage or have some built-in anti-graveyard action, in some circumstances. Rummaging is particularly strong in aggressive decks because you often don’t have a ton of use for excess land.


Wild Nacatl

Wild Nacatl hasn’t been the most popular card in Modern for a while, but Territorial Kavu may put it back on the map. Imagine on the first turn if you fetch for a Temple Garden and play a Wild Nactal. On the second turn you fetch for a Blood Crypt and play Territorial Kavu. For turn three, if you’re able to fetch up any blue land, you’ve got a 3/3 and a 5/5 attacking, which can be tough to overcome.

Territorial Kavu looks like a card that is poised to put Zoo back on the menu to me.


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