Bringing Old Standard to Modern! – Modern Rally the Ancestors

Modern Rally the Ancestors by delicinha



Rally the Ancestors was a feared Standard deck, and won quite a bit in its time (I still regret not playing Matt Nass’s Rally build at Pro Tour Milwaukee). A spiritual successor of sorts has just popped up in Modern, and it’s got some spicy additions. Let’s take a look at Modern Rally!


Header - The Game Plan

Use Collected Company and Satyr Wayfinder to dump as many creatures as possible into play or into your graveyard, then cast a big Rally the Ancestors. Stack all the triggers, using Viscera Seer to sac them, and drain them out with Blood Artist while getting tons of tokens from Magus of the Bridge.

This is a combo deck that can also just attack the opponent to death, as these creatures provide a lot of pressure and disruption even without Rally. Grist, the Hunger Tide is a nice one too, as it gets found with Company and even comes back via Rally.


Header - Key Cards

Rally the AncestorsCollected Company

The only two spells in the deck are key to it working, as they both get you to that critical mass of creatures. Rally is the finishing blow, with Company being the setup.


Grist, the Hunger Tide

As mentioned, this pops in with both spells, and provides a stream of Insects plus some solid disruption. Grist is a powerful card, and is seeing more and more play as a result.


Blood ArtistViscera SeerMagus of the Bridge

This is your main combo package, with Seer eating your board and triggering the other two. Voice of Resurgence also gives you extra triggers, and if you ever Rally into two Blood Artists, you can usually burn them out right away.


Tidehollow Sculler (Timeshifted)Voice of Resurgence

These two give you some disruption and board presence on the way to your combo, and can make the opponent deal with them instead of trying to kill you. Both are also excellent against counterspells, which is important right now.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • You often want to main phase Rally or Company, because you give up a Grist activation if you do it on the opponent’s turn (and either way you aren’t attacking that turn). This changes against counterspells, but against most decks just play these at sorcery speed.
  • If you sacrifice Sculler to Seer in response to the ETB trigger, they will never get the card you exile back. This is a good play if you suspect a removal spell.
  • If you have two Rallies, don’t be afraid to use the first one for just a couple creatures to help set up the second (especially if you can bring back Satyr Wayfinder).


Header - Collecting Wins

Modern Rally is great against midrange and has good anti-control disruption as well. Where it suffers is against fast combo, since it’s only got Tidehollow Sculler to stop it, though the sideboard has some help there. Good luck, and may your Rallies be plentiful.


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