Bring Historic to Modern with RG Shamans


Modern RG Shamans by TylerDurdenFTW



Modern Horizons 2 tried its hardest to make Shamans a playable tribe in Modern. They succeeded in Historic, but didn’t quite get there in Modern – at least, that’s what I thought until this Sunday, where TylerDurdenFTW almost managed to Top 8 the Modern Challenge (nineth place on tiebreaker) with RG Shamans!

Rage ForgerHarmonic ProdigyBurning-Tree Emissary

Harmonic Prodigy is your enabler for unfair starts, doubling the mana from Burning-Tree Emissary, drawing extra cards with Elvish Visionary, returning multiple cards with Eternal Witness and finally dealing a lot of damage thanks to Rage Forager triggered ability!

Rage Forger is your lord, whereas Ignoble Hierarch and Goblin Anarchomancer are your ways to curve out faster and cast a turn three Collected Company.

This deck’s mana curve is incredibly low, topped by Collected Company with only Rage Forager and Eternal Witness for three mana. I’m surprised by the lack of Seasoned Pyromancer, but I guess Eternal Witness is a better way to abuse Harmonic Prodigy’s ability to double Shaman’s triggered abilities.

In Modern, anything is possible, as long as you pack up a bunch of Modern Horizons 2 cards and some Lightning Bolts. Give it a try!


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