Bring Historic to Modern with Modern UW 8-Cast Affinity


Modern UW 8-Cast by cocinuiMtg



When we think about Affinity in Modern, we think about Memnites, Frogmite and Cranial Plating. However, the deck that FriskiFraska used to win Sunday’s Modern Challenge is far away from that, and I would refer at it as 8-Cast.

ThoughtcastIngenious SmithPortable Hole

The original list comes from Gabriel Nassif, who was inspired by Historic UW Affinity, using the recent printed Ingenious Smith and Portable Hole as engines and interaction pieces.

The strength of the deck is certainly Urza’s Saga, which is able to create very large Construct tokens and backs them up with Shadowspear

Thoughtcast and Thought Monitor are you curve toppers, but they usually cost as little as one mana thanks to Darksteel Citadel and Razortide Bridge counting as Ancient Tombs for those affinity for artifact cards.

Since we’re playing blue, we get access to powerful interaction spells such as Metallic Rebuke, Spreading Seas and Mystical Dispute, and white gives us Esper Sentinel, Portable Hole and Dispatch, which are super cheap ways to both interact with our opponent while getting our engine going.

Relic of Progenitus has quickly climbed in my priorities, and I’m playing more and more copies of it in all my Modern decks. It’s excellent against graveyard decks as well as Lurrus of the Dream-Den and Murktide Regent. This deck is able to play two copies already in the main deck since it’s essentially a mana rock for your affinity for artifact cards that happens to be excellent in the metagame.


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