Brewing Alchemy BW Venture with the New Buffs!

Major changes to Alchemy come live on Arena today. The most obvious winner from these changes is the venture into the Dungeon mechanic. This has me interested in revisiting BW Venture, which is a deck I’ve worked on in the past.

For reference, here’s the Orzhov Venture deck I had settled on in old Standard, prior to the release of Crimson Vow.

A few things have changed since then. First, the options for nonbasic lands are much stronger. A massive power level upgrade to Dungeon Descent gives Orzhov Venture one of the best colorless value lands available in the format. To compensate for that, Shattered Sanctum and Forsaken Crossroads provide excellent mana fixing to shore up the colors. 

The consequence is that Blood on the Snow now comes at a much higher cost. So although I’ve had a good experience with that card in the past, I’m now inclined to move away from it in favor of cheaper spot removal spells. This isn’t a bad thing, since Precipitous Drop received a mana cost reduction. 

Beyond that, the printing of Sorin the Mirthless and power level increases for Cloister Gargoyle, Acererak the Archlich and Fates’ Reversal set this archetype up for success. 

Here’s the deck list I intend to try first:





Alchemy BW Venture by Reid Duke


One card that I’m particularly excited about is Humiliate. I’ve had a great experience with discard spells in Alchemy (especially after sideboarding against control decks). Humiliate is uniquely strong in this deck, as putting a quick boost on Triumphant Adventurer or Nadaar, Selfless Paladin can put you in a great position.

Happy Venturing!


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