Brewing a Dimir Deluge in Standard – Deck Highlight

Standard Dimir Deluge by Luis Scott-Vargas


My current obsession in Standard is Memory Deluge, as it offers the perfect setup card and finisher all in one. The best way to utilize it is a control deck that can trade cards early and then pull ahead with a deluge of card advantage, so after putting together an Izzet list, Dimir Deluge is next on my list.




Header - The Game Plan

Kill or counter all their stuff, then land a Deluge or planeswalker. Win in slow, agonizing fashion.

This is an old-school control deck, with the time-tested strategy of combining removal spells, counters and expensive finishers. It is missing a big sweeper (though you could play Blood on the Snow if you were so inclined), but otherwise it pretty much has all its bases covered.


Header - Key Cards

This pair of cantrips gives the deck a lot of flexibility, as both can help fix its draws and pull ahead early. They even combo nicely, as using Consider to put Insight into your graveyard puts you up a card thanks to flashback.


This is a big one. For four mana, you get a decent card draw spell with some selection, but the real money is the Dig Through Time you get later. For seven mana, you will likely find whatever it is you need, and it’s hard to imagine casting a Deluge on an empty board and losing. This deck has all the removal it needs to set that up, and that’s what I consider the primary win condition.


Professor OnyxIymrith, Desert Doom

These are my finishers of choice, and both generate card advantage every turn they stay in play. They’re also both resistant to removal, which is key in a deck that presents no other removal targets. I could also see Mordenkainen in this slot as well.


The Celestus is an interesting one, and I’m curious how it plays out. It’s a mana rock that accelerates you to your big stuff, while also starting a night/day cycle that can gain you some life and provide some looting. I think this is going to be a strong card in post-rotation Standard, and decks like this are its primary audience.


Saw It ComingDisdainful StrokePower Word KillBloodchief's Thirst

These removal/counters (as well as the ones I didn’t mention) make up the rest of the deck, and all basically do the same thing. They trade for your opponent’s cards, whether that be on the stack or in play, and you want a mix of them to cover all your bases.


Hall of Storm GiantsField of Ruin (Timeshifted)

I’ve liked Field of Ruin for its ability to kill opposing creaturelands, and Hall of Storm Giants is a potent way to close out games. I chose Hall also because it casts Consider early, which means it coming in untapped is easy to make use of.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • The Celestus is a tricky one to play with, and it’ll take a while to get used to the night/day cycle. This deck flips it easily towards night, since it doesn’t have many sorceries, but often won’t be able to make it day again.
  • You don’t have to attack with Iymrith. If you suspect they’re leaving up removal, there’s no harm in just sitting back.
  • You can play lands off Siphon Insight, so don’t hesitate to do that if you’re light on them.


Header - A Deluge of Control Decks

This isn’t the first Deluge control deck I’ve built, and it won’t be the last – hopefully one of them sticks.



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