Break the Metagame with Shouta Yasooka’s Historic Jund Food


Historic Jund Sacrifice by Shouta Yasooka




Before the Innistrad Set Championship, one of the decks I was strongly considering was Jund Food. Mayhem Devil is your best card against all the creature decks and Korvold, Fae-Cursed King goes over the top in the mirror. 

Claim the FirstbornMayhem Devil

Given that the format had so many creature decks, another card I wanted to play was Claim the Firstborn. Dragon’s Rage Channeler is one of the most popular cards in the format, Heliod Company and Humans were some of the most played decks, it has great targets against Arcanist, in the mirror… well, basically against every creature deck. 

Food decks are not as good at getting delirium as decks like Izzet Phoenix or Rakdos Arcanist, so Unholy Heat doesn’t make much sense here. Fatal Push is decent, but Claim not only gets rid of your opponent’s creature – it also lets you use it for any kind of Phyrexian Tower, Witch’s Oven or Priest of Forgotten Gods shenanigans.

I think Shouta’s list is a great starting point for where I would like to take the Food decks after the Set Championship. Golgari Food crushed the PT, but you really want something to break the mirror with. Mayhem Devil seems like one of those cards and if you’re playing red, I really like Claim as well. 

Jund Food should have a good matchup against Humans and Heliod Company, it should be slightly favorable against Arcanist and thanks to Mayhem Devil and you should also have the upper hand in the mirror. The matchup with Izzet Phoenix is close and depends on the exact builds. Your only bad matchup are decks like the Creativity combo, but those decks aren’t very popular right now. 

If you’re trying to break this Historic metagame, I would definitely recommend taking a closer look at Jund Food.


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