Brand New #1 Deck! – Historic Power Rankings – 1/4/2022

There hasn’t been much happening in the Historic Power Rankings and the Historic world lately except for the ladder being full of Selesnya-based Inquisitor Captain decks. It’s not that those decks are necessarily broken, but they’re tons of fun to play, especially the Bant Blink deck, while being great at the same time. Outside of that, the field is actually very diverse, so if you’re looking to play a fun format at the moment, I can recommend giving Historic a try. 

Make sure your deck has a good plan against the Inquisitor Captain decks. This includes focusing on sweepers like Anger of the Gods or running Thoughtseize instead of Inquisition of Kozilek if you’re in the market for discard spells. Given how popular white is, I also wouldn’t recommend running decks that are particularly bad against Skyclave Apparition. So while running something like Orzhov Auras would be fine at the moment because you have access to Thoughtseize and Hushbringer, going with the Azorius version that runs cards like Selfless Savior and Spell Pierce instead would be foolish. 

Let’s get to the actual Power Rankings. As usual, you can check out Untapped.gg for all kinds of metagame shares and best performing decks on the Arena ladder.



10. Gruul Shamans

Harmonic ProdigyBurning-Tree EmissaryGoblin Anarchomancer

Gruul Shamans continues being very popular on the Arena ladder and delivering decent results. I wouldn’t bring this deck to a big tournament, but if you’re trying to have fun with a good tribal deck, Shamans is a fine choice. 

9. Five-Color Niv

Niv is one of those decks that you can tune to be great against creature decks thanks to cards like Deafening Clarion and Lightning Helix. You’re basically a control deck with a ton of removal spells that gets to run a five-mana 6/6 that draws you three to five cards when it comes into play. There don’t seem to be too many Mystical Disputes and Aether Gusts to ruin your fun at the moment, which means that Niv could be fairly well positioned.

8. “Alchemy” Dragons

GlorybringerThunderbreak RegentOrb of Dragonkind

This deck gets my pick for the dark horse of the format because other decks don’t seem particularly well equipped to deal with big flyers at the moment. Everyone is running cards like Anger of the Gods, Inquisition of Kozilek and Fatal Push, but none of those cards can deal with a Glorybringer. If you’ve been playing a lot of Alchemy and want to take a crack at Historic, it’s very easy to transform your Dragons deck into the Historic by using just a few wild cards, which I recently covered in this deck guide

7. Azorius Control

I’ve been seeing a lot more Azorius than Jeskai on the Arena ladder and I’m honestly not really sure why that is. I’d expect Anger and Helix to be the main draw into control now, but it’s true that the Selesnya-based creature decks are not that fast, so Day of Judgment or Wrath of God seems perfectly fine instead. Azorius also gets to run Rest in Peace without hurting itself, which is quite relevant.

6. Bant Humans

Thalia's LieutenantEsper SentinelNeoform

One of the many Selesnya-based creature decks in this weeks Power Rankings, Bant Humans is trying to abuse Inquisitor Captain with Neoform, Glasspool Mimic and Mirror Image. Instead of playing for the long game with blink effects though, it runs the aggro cards like Esper Sentinel and Thalia’s Lieutenant instead. 

5. Izzet Phoenix

If you like playing blue cards and doing proactive things, Phoenix is still a fine choice, though lately it’s been looking like focusing on building a strong board position fast is a lot more important than spending mana on drawing cards. 

4. Rakdos Arcanist

Dreadhorde Arcanist (Timeshifted)Thoughtseize (Timeshifted)Lurrus of the Dream-Den

Our Innistrad Championship deck is still a very good choice for the current Historic metagame, though make sure you run the full four copies of Thoughtseize main and never board them out against the Selesnya decks. The slower version with multiple Kolaghan’s Commands seems better to me than the one focused more on milling itself at the moment. 

3. Golgari Food

According to Untapped.gg, Golgari Food has been the best performing deck between Gold and Mythic in the last couple weeks, though the sample is not too large. Still, it’s probably the most solid deck at the moment and you can’t really go wrong by running it. 

2. Heliod Company

Heliod, Sun-CrownedScurry OakSoul Warden

I put Heliod Company second because of how many creature decks there seem to be at the moment, most of which are great matchups for you. The deck is now even more consistent at putting together the combo pieces thanks to Inquisitor Captain.

1. Bant Blink

Personally, Bant Blink has been the most fun deck I’ve played in a while and it continues to perform very well, despite not even really getting to sideboard much between games thanks to the nature of the deck and its silver bullet sideboard cards for Grizzled Huntmaster. There certainly are good answers in the format against a deck that runs all creatures and Collected Company, so it probably won’t be the best deck in the format forever, but at this moment I think it is probably the best choice.


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