Book of Exalted Deeds Combo is Back! Standard Mono-White Life Gain


Standard Mono-White Life Gain by kilopower




The Book of Exalted Deeds is not only a powerful magic item in Dungeons & Dragons, but a card so good in Magic that it got banned in the short-lived Standard 2022 format. In any case, today’s Standard Mono-White Life Gain deck also harnesses its power, alongside a bunch of other ways to prolong the game.


Header - The Game Plan

Play to the board, gain a bunch of life and have your synergies take over.

This is a classic life gain deck, and as such, very high on synergies. The whole is much greater than the sum of its parts, and it takes a bunch of mid-level cards and does some wild stuff with them.


Header - Key Cards

Voice of the BlessedRighteous Valkyrie

These are big payoffs, with Voice of the Blessed growing with every life gain trigger and the Righteous Valkyrie going nuts once you get to 27. There is so much life gain in the deck that it’s not hard to get to 27 quite early, at which point all of your creatures are huge threats.

Lunarch Veteran // Luminous PhantomCosmos ElixirRevitalize

These aren’t all the life gain sources, but they are the ones the deck plays four of. Lunarch Veteran is by far the best, though the other two help get the engine going as well. Cosmos Elixir in particular helps gain you life when you need it, or draw cards once you’ve stabilized. That’s a solid threat in any matchup, which life gain sometimes lacks (when it comes to control decks specifically).

Cleric Class

This is one of the biggest payoffs for gaining life, and is a whole engine by itself. It gains you more life, gives you counters when you do and even brings back a creature later in the game. Plus, it’s a hard card type to get off the board, making it very annoying for your opponent.


If the life gain plan isn’t working, you can always just blow up the world. Having four Doomskars makes it easy to play Cosmos Elixir, let the opponent overextend, and then reset everything.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • The combo with Book of Exalted Deeds is Faceless Haven, as you then just never have to activate it and put it at risk anymore.
  • Sometimes it’s worth chump-blocking to preserve your life total, as getting to 27 for Valkyrie is a huge payoff.
  • Beware bounce or enchantment removal if you have Cleric Class – leveling it up to three and having it get removed in response is a big tempo loss.


Header - Life Finds a Way

This deck is a fun departure from most of what’s going on in Standard – I can’t say that it beats Epiphany decks, but it’s sure got game against aggro. If you’re looking for something different, take it for a spin!


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