Blue-White Magecraft – Budget Standard

Today’s Standard budget deck, Blue-White Magecraft, requires only 17 common, 18 uncommon and nine rare wildcards, around half of which are lands, which will be great in many other decks. This is an aggressive magecraft deck, relying on cheap creatures and ways to enable magecraft. The added blue cards give the deck a little more evasion and card draw to complement the white base. We’re playing with the learn mechanic and with Lurrus of the Dream-Den as companion, so our seven-card sideboard is also densely packed.



Blue White Magecraft - LegenVD Standard



Leonin LightscribeSymmetry SageClever Lumimancer

We’re playing 12 creatures that feature the magecraft ability. Leonin Lightscribe has the most powerful effect, pumping the entire team. Symmetry Sage can target itself with its ability to attack for two extra damage, but the ability also works well with Clever Lumimancer or some of your Spirit tokens.


Clarion SpiritOf One MindOpt

Clarion Spirit is another excellent addition for the deck, as you’re often casting multiple spells in the same turn. The tokens also work really well with Leonin Lightscribe. Of One Mind can often draw two cards for just one mana and Opt is another great magecraft enabler.


Guiding VoiceDefiant StrikeShow of Confidence

The final cards include Guiding Voice, which gives us access to some sideboard Lessons. Defiant Strike is another great instant to enable magecraft and Clarion Spirit. Finally, there’s Show of Confidence, which is often the last spell you  want to cast after playing multiple cheap instants and sorceries. The copies will also enable magecraft, so this can set up some devastating turns. 

The deck’s also playing with Lurrus as companion so you can replay your creatures out of the graveyard in the more grindy matchups. I also recommend getting four copies of the Hengegate Pathway as soon as possible, since this deck really wants untapped dual lands.


Header - The Sideboard

MiscastFight as OneGiant Killer // Chop Down

The sideboard is already quite full because of the learn mechanic and Lurrus, although there’s still room for a few extra cards. Cheap counterspells like Miscast and Mystical Dispute could protect against sweepers, although an instant like Fight as One can also be serviceable against non-exile based sweepers. Against decks with large creatures, you could bring in more bounce spells or Giant Killer as removal.


Teachings of the ArchaicsMascot ExhibitionAcademic Probation

The main way to upgrade Blue-White Magecraft is by improving some of the Lessons in the sideboard. Teachings of the Archaics in particular can be a great way to refuel. Mascot Exhibition wouldn’t be used very often, but shines against control decks that can keep your creatures at bay. Academic Probation is another flexible answer that can sometimes make the difference.

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