Blue Moon in Modern – Deck Highlight


Modern Blue Moon by Jacob C


Twitch streamer Jacob Cumiskey has been at the top of the Modern trophy leader board this season playing mostly his signature deck, Blue Moon. Jacob has been a Blue Moon specialist in Modern for years and really likes this version of the deck.


Blood MoonFuryExpressive Iteration

Blood Moon is really well-positioned in the current metagame, and this is the best Blood Moon deck in Modern at the moment. Fury is quietly a huge upgrade for this archetype. It allows you to both catch up on mana efficiency versus low to the ground creature decks and have a powerful late-game win condition. Fury also plays well with Expressive Iteration and can help enable delirium.

I would recommend giving this deck a try if you’re a control player who prefers playing one mana spells over Chalice of the Void


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