Best Reprints of Double Masters 2022

Double Masters 2022 (2X2) is primed and ready to bring power to your table. The set is filled with strong reprints from throughout Magic’s history, with a clear focus on helping to put some much-needed cards back into the Commander ecosystem in particular. While there are many potent game pieces being reprinted, we’ll highlight the best in each color that we’ve seen so far. 




Teferi's Protection (Borderless Alternate Art)

As already stated, there are many commander staples being brought back with 2X2, and this premier protective spell is a big deal. Being able to protect yourself and your entire board for a full turn cycle is one of the strongest things that can be done in a multiplayer game. Whether you’re looking to buy yourself time for the win, protecting your board from mass removal, or waving goodbye when an alpha strike is coming in, this is an amazing reprint. 


Mana Drain (Extended Art)

A counterspell with spectacular upside, Mana Drain sees play in any format it’s legal in for a reason. Countering a spell sometimes already feels like cheating, and transforming your opponent’s big spell into your own mana advantage never stops feeling spectacularly broken. Mana Drain’s price always crawls back up, so don’t hesitate to pick these up as soon as possible. 


Imperial Seal (Borderless Alternate Art)

While cracking packs always feels a little bit like playing the lottery, Imperial Seal makes that feeling a good bit more literal. Worth a not insubstantial amount of money, Imperial Seal is in dire need of a reprint for collectors with deep enough pockets. The tutor itself is an exceptional game piece that, if the cost isn’t prohibitive, makes it more than worth playing. 


Dockside Extortionist (Borderless Alternate Art)

The poster-child for needed reprints, Dockside Extortionist is a powerhouse at Commander tables and part of many game-winning loops for cEDH decks. There are fewer cards currently in demand for a reprint, and while the upshift from rare to mythic has a few people grousing, this pick is an easy gold star!


Allosaurus Shepherd (Borderless Alternate Art)

Originally printed in Jumpstart as the rarest version of the mythic found in Elf packs, Allosaurus Shepherd has steadily climbed in price since. Elves are a popular tribe in multiple formats, so demand for the dinosaur shepherd easily outstripped supply. 2X2 is looking to help remedy this, and anything that gets some adorable dinosaurs and their caretaker into people’s hands is all good in my book.


Wrenn and Six (Borderless)

2X2 packs have a large number of interesting multicolor cards, including a lot of relevant legendary creatures to fill the commander slot, but the majority of those reprints appear more designed to help make the limited environment fun. Wrenn and Six, on the other hand, is a card that’s purely in demand due to its flexibility and power level across formats. The planeswalker and her treefolk companion have shown they have staying power, so they’re worth adding to your trade binder. 


Mana Vault (Borderless Alternate Art)

Fast mana is a large part of staying competitive in some Commander pods and is practically required for cEDH tables. Any reprint that helps players keep up with rising power levels is a good thing, and Mana Vault is one of the highest on the list. This colorless piece of ramp goes into a large number of decks and will always be in demand, making it a great piece to pull from your 2X2 packs. 


Cavern of Souls (Borderless Alternate Art)

Tribal decks are some of the most popular ways to play the game. From the most casual of kitchen table games to competitive, creature-based builds, people love jamming their favorite creature type, and Cavern of Souls is the single best land for literally any of those decks. Fixing your mana to cast your favorite creatures while making them uncounterable is spectacular, and some decks just want to have the option of always casting a singular key creature (like, say, a commander) without fear of counter spells.

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