Best-of-One Vampires in Alchemy


Alchemy Rakdos Vampires by Ashlizzlle




There’s a lot you can do with Vampires in Alchemy. Check out this deck list courtesy of streamer Ashlizzlle, designed for Best-of-One play. 

The way I see it, this deck has three angles of attack.

The first is the Vampire tribal synergies. This is highlighted by Vampire Socialite, which effectively results in all of your creatures having a permanent +1/+1.

Vampire Socialite

The second is based around Blood. Voldaren Bloodcaster and Sanguine Brushstroke can both lead to a quick win when you start wheeling and dealing in Blood tokens.

Brushstroke is a cool Alchemy-specific card that generates three helpful permanents: the Blood token, the Blood Artist and the enchantment itself. Notably, these effects stack up, so drawing multiple Sanguine Brushstrokes can allow you to bleed your opponent dry even from a high life total.

Blood Artist

Finally, there’s a sacrifice theme. The best sacrifice outlet is Immersturm Predator, but there are tons of cards that pay you off for sacrificing creatures including Blood Artist, Voldaren Bloodcaster and Eyetwitch.

Immersturm PredatorEyetwitch

Eyetwitch is a particularly good fit for Best-of-One play because you can cram your sideboard with Lessons, which is real estate you wouldn’t have been able to use anyway. You want as many cheap plays as you can get, and Eyetwitch is a disposable body that helps to make the whole strategy operate smoothly. 

I like Vampires in both the individual card quality, and the way various elements of the deck combine to be greater than the sum of their parts. This isn’t some single-minded tribal deck. It’s well rounded with reach, resilience and several different angles of attack.


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