Best Elemental Wizards Cards In Uprising

Flesh and Blood: Uprising has a number of truly scary, new draconic cards joining the fray, but some of the most interesting cards from the set are instead the Elemental Wizard pieces. Designed to simultaneously slow down the opponent’s offenses while dishing out big, frozen chunks of damage, the Elemental Wizard archetype is becoming a serious powerhouse with the cards highlighted below.

Iyslander, Stormbind

Iyslander, Stormbind // Iyslander (Regular)

If talking about Elemental Wizard cards, unsurprisingly we have to start with the Hero that enables the strategy. Iyslander is truly excellent, as she lets you play many of your core game pieces at instant speed, all while stacking frostbite tokens on to their side of the field. Combined, Iyslander enables the entire strategy and is fully equipped to bring some frozen punishment down on the opponent.


Encase (Regular)

Encase does everything that Iyslander wants to do. It hits for a decent amount of damage at a fairly low opportunity cost, then freezes any number of relevant pieces of equipment that the opponent is wielding. Even better, this ability to freeze objects can be combined with other powerful elemental wizard cards.

Succumb to Winter

Succumb to Winter (Blue) (Regular)

Speaking of those synergies, Succumb to Winter is one of the better payoffs for running freeze effects. Once again, this card combines decent damage for its cost with a utilitarian removal spell. There are few things that feel better than stacking damage while obliterating key parts of your enemy’s arsenal.

Ice Eternal

Ice Eternal (Regular)

One of the real reasons to run Iyslander, Ice Eternal puts a pile of relevant tokens directly under the opponent’s control before potentially chunking them for a truly impressive amount of damage. There are many cards that take advantage of these tokens, so even if you can’t manage a fusion (balancing those numbers is surprisingly complex!) you are potentially setting yourself up for some frosty burn spells.

Freezing Point

Freezing Point (Regular)

Arguably the payoff for the entire archetype, Freezing Point looks at all of the negative effects that you’ve been saddling the opponent with and then throws a frozen hunk of damage right to their dome. The floor on this card is still a perfectly fine five damage, but the ceiling is downright massive. With Iyslander, you shouldn’t have too much trouble slowing the game down until Freezing Point can get in for those final points, and with the right combination of afflictions this can be one of the strongest things you can be doing in the archetype altogether.

Ice Them Out

Controlling the game with just the right touch of ice before finishing the foe with frosty damage is a deeply satisfying experience. Iyslander in particular is well equipped to break the ice against any deck that relies heavily on its equipment, making her uniquely placed to bring the pain against several popular strategies. If you like the idea of “burn” strategies that can still dictate how the game flows, you’ll find nothing better than the cards offered directly to the Elemental Wizard archetype in Uprising. 

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